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These Weight-Loss Apps Are Worth the Download

These Weight-Loss Apps Are Worth the Download

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If you have a smartphone, you may want to cue up your app store and get to downloading these weight-loss aids

Weight loss methods are all dependent on your personality. Browse through our list of the best weight loss apps — all well worth the download — and see which one motivates you!

Try These Weight-Loss Apps

Weight loss methods are all dependent on your personality. Browse through our list of the best weight loss apps — all well worth the download — and see which one motivates you!

Fast Food Nutrition Calories

Let’s be real here. Even people trying to lose weight sometimes need to grab a quick bite. But your decision about what to order often changes drastically when you look at the calories. This app gives you all the nutritional info for your favorite take-out spots and restaurants, allowing for more informed choices.


Fooducate isn’t just about weight loss. After all, sometimes losing isn’t the hardest part: keeping the weight off can be the biggest hurdle. This app helps you lose the pounds, but also educates you about healthy foods and lifestyle choices.

Happy Scale

Being able to split your weight loss into smaller, manageable pieces can be a great tool, especially when you hit a plateau. The Happy Scale app does just that by breaking the process down into easy-to-achieve milestones so you always feel like you’re moving forward.

Jillian Michael’s Slim-Down

If you’ve seen the Biggest Loser or done the 30 Day Shred, then you know Jillian Michaels. Her app is in tune with her training methods — it’s no-nonsense and incredibly effective. It features everything from fun exercise moves to ensure you’re never bored to tips on what to eat to stay healthy and fit!

Map My Run/Map My Fitness

When it comes to tracking your fitness and exercise, Map My Run/Map My Fitness apps are key. Using the built-in pedometer and route tracker, you can accurately calculate just how much exercise you’ve done and what that means for your caloric intake.

My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach follows a similar methodology to other weight-loss apps. But with My Diet Coach, you can choose a customized avatar to encourage you throughout your journey. The app also allows you to set motivating messages and earn rewards for pounds lost and achievements met.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal may be the most popular weight-loss app out there. It allows you to track your meals — you’ll find almost all of your favorite foods in their database — and your exercise routine. My Fitness Pal also allows you to connect with friends and support each other through your weight loss and fitness journeys.

Ultimate Food Value Diary

Knowing exactly how many calories are in food is essential to weight loss. This app is comprehensive, with a database of over two million foods, including snacks and alcoholic beverages.


When focusing on a healthier lifestyle, it’s of the upmost importance to drink more water. And if you’re fighting against a lifelong soda addiction, having a friendly reminder about your water intake is necessary. This app offers just that, encouraging you to get as much H20 as possible.

Weight Watchers

To really benefit from this app, you need a Weight Watchers membership. But the end results can leave you with a new perspective on eating and weight loss. Like other apps, it allows you to track your food through a point system, but it also provides hundreds of delicious low-calorie recipe ideas.


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