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I adapted a little recipe that I was making so far ... a simple, quick and very tasty recipe ...

  • 500 g butter with 85% fat
  • A cup of dried and finely ground walnuts
  • A cup of crushed wafer leaves
  • 2 cups powdered sugar
  • 4 sachets of vanilla sugar
  • Coconut

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes


Leave the butter at room temperature and break it into pieces.

Put the sugar and vanilla sugar and then put it over the butter.

Rub well until the sugar melts and then add the walnuts and wafers.

From the resulting composition are made some balls that are given through coconut.

Refrigerate to harden and then eat.

Good appetite!

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Use a fatter butter because a weak butter will leave water.

Raffaello - childhood candies

  • Candy Raffaello (Maria Matyiku / Epoch Times) Candy Raffaello

Absolutely delicious and with a taste to match, Raffaello candies are for many a dessert that reminds us of childhood. They are easy to prepare, and the little ones will be happy to lend a hand in forming and decorating the coconut-flavored lumps.

Being a popular dessert, there are quite a few Raffaello candy recipes. We present below a variant that is not too sweet, and the candies will have a fine, creamy texture and a pleasant bouquet of flavors.


20-24 almond or hazelnut kernels,

a 2 ml vial of vanilla essence or a vanilla sachet,

a few drops of almond essence,

100 g coconut flakes (50 g for composition + 50 g for decoration)


It starts first with the preparation of the seeds that will be placed in the middle of the candies.

If you use almond kernels, it is recommended to soak them overnight in lukewarm water with a little salt. The next day, the peel will come off easily from the seeds, and the core will become crispy.

The skin on the pips can be removed quickly if you scald the pits with hot water and then leave them until the water becomes warm. The skin will come off quite easily, but the core will remain a little hard. Smaller kernels are preferred, not only because they are slightly bitter and will give more flavor and aroma, but also because the formation of candies will require less composition for coating the kernels. The candies will come out smaller and bigger.

If you use hazelnuts, they can be fried in a pan in a hot oven. After removing from the oven and allowing to cool, the skin on the seeds will come off easily, and the seeds will have a pleasant taste and aroma.

To prepare the composition, bring water to a boil in a small pot, along with powdered sugar and salt powder and bring to the boil, until the syrup begins to thicken slightly.

Add the butter, vanilla and almond essence and mix until the butter melts.

The vessel is removed from the fire. While the composition is hot, add the powdered milk previously mixed with coconut flakes.

Mix vigorously with a spatula until the composition is homogeneous.

The paste obtained is covered with a foil and set aside to cool until it hardens enough to be able to shape the candies. The composition must remain warm before shaping, if left to cool completely the paste will harden and the candies will be crumbly and not easily formed. If the paste has hardened too much, it can be soaked with a little hot water until it reaches the desired consistency.

Using a teaspoon, take a little of the paste, shape it into a circle, and place the almond kernels in the middle. A ball is formed by pressing lightly with your fingers then the balls rotate slightly between the palms. The formed candies are rolled in coconut and placed on a plate or plate to harden the butter.

  • 1 (14 ounce) bag flaked coconut
  • 1 (16 ounce) package confectioners' sugar
  • 1 ½ cups margarine, softened
  • 1 ⅓ cups powdered milk
  • ½ cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon almond extract
  • 50 hazelnuts (Optional)

Process coconut in a food processor until finely minced. Measure 1/2 cup coconut into a shallow bowl.

Stir confectioner's sugar, margarine, powdered milk, milk, and almond extract together in a bowl until smooth. Mix remaining coconut into milk mixture by hand. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate until slightly chilled, about 20 minutes.

Roll milk mixture into walnut-sized balls, press a hazelnut into the center of each ball, and roll balls into reserved coconut. Place candies in a sealable container and refrigerate until serving.

Raffaello candy simple recipe

Raffaello candy simple recipe. Homemade Raffaello candies with coconut, butter and other natural ingredients, a recipe explained step by step that can be followed by children, under the supervision of adults. The best Raffaello candies have come out! Creamy, fine, with coconut and butter taste and vanilla flavor. Dreamlike!

Candy Raffaello & # 8211 a new project Savori Urbane, together with the children from grades I-III of the Hungarian section of the General School & # 8222Aron Cotrus & # 8221, within the program & # 8222Saptamana altfel & # 8221.

I talked to the teacher about how we should make it more attractive this week to really be different. Besides a trip to the forest and other interesting activities, I booked my Friday to cook something with the children. Due to the fact that the program took place in a class, at school, I chose something without baking.

After making biscuit salami at & # 8222Summer School & # 8221, this time I opted for Raffaello candies. Here are the ones 7 variants of biscuit salami created by children.

If you like coconut, I recommend you try it too Raffaello cake & # 8211 recipe here.

Or Raffaello Cake with tender leaves and mascarpone cream & # 8211 see here.

I've tried several Raffaello candy recipes in the past. The one with mascarpone did not look at all like the original, the balls being soft, moist and too creamy. The one with condensed milk seemed heavy, slightly nauseous, extremely sweet, or butter rubbed with sugar, especially if it's made cold, it seemed to me the worst option of all. So is the one with melted white chocolate, which is extremely sweet. If we added pieces of broken wafer in the composition, they just softened, became rubberized and led to the disintegration of Raffaello balls.

About the filling: I decided to go for the original version, ie whole almonds scalded and peeled from the brown skin. For 2 minutes of work it is not worth putting the peeled almonds.

From my previous experiments, my recipe was born, which, of all the variants, I like the most. I went for the idea homemade chocolate with milk powder, that stick loved since childhood.

Preparing cake top

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they become crystalline, then add the sugar, spoon by spoon, mixing continuously. We will obtain a firm and glossy meringue.

Remove the mixer with a spatula and incorporate the melted and tempered butter, stirring slowly, from top to bottom, in circular motions.

Add the vanilla, then add the flour mixed with the almond flour and coconut. We use the same circular movements so as not to remove the air from the composition.

It is very important to mix the composition lightly, because, being a top without baking powder, it needs the built-in air to develop evenly during baking.

We line a round shape with a diameter of 24 cm with baking paper. & Icircntindem composition & icircn it and level it. Bake the cake top for 35-40 minutes at 175 & degC. Let's not forget the toothpick test either.

We prepare the cream

In the bowl of the mixer we put the mascarpone, sour cream, powdered sugar and vanilla. We mix them until they get a creamy consistency, then we incorporate the coconut. We give the cream to cool.

Beat with the mixer and sm & acircnt & acircna for the cream, sweeten it with a teaspoon of sugar and let it cool, keeping it for decoration.

We also prepare Raffaello candies

Mix the soft butter, kept at room temperature with the powdered sugar, then add the powdered milk and coconut. We divide the composition into balls like a walnut and add inside them like an almond. we roll them through a coconut to get plenty of it.

We assemble the Raffaello cake

We cut the countertop into three approximately equal parts. We syrup each part with coconut milk.

We stop 3 tablespoons of the cream and divide the rest into two.

Over the first part of the countertop placed on the plate and surrounded by the circular ring of the baking tin, add half of the cream. Then add the second syrup top, cover the second part with cream and cover with the last part of the top.

With the cream off, grease the cake nicely, using a decorative spatula.

Then we coat the cake with icing cream and powder it with plenty of coconut, then place the Raffaello candies on top.

Let the Raffaello cake cool for 3-4 hours, so that the layers settle well and we can portion it nicely.

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