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The World’s Strangest McDonald's Commercials

The World’s Strangest McDonald's Commercials

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McDonald’s advertisements from outside the US can get pretty funky

Some Japanese commercials for the fast food giant have been on the stranger end of the spectrum.

While we're not positive that McDonald's is the first place you should visit when traveling internationally, if you did, you'd see some variations on the familiar burger and fries routine, reflecting a location's culinary traditions. Some offerings don't sound half bad, like Nicaragua's Mango Pie — their variation of our apple pie — and the Paneer Wrap in India, but among the more unusual offerings are Russia's McShrimps, Japan's Bacon Potato Pie, Turkey's McTurco with lamb meat, China's Chicken McMuffin, and Hong Kong's Rice Fantastic, a burger between two rice patties. And just as the menus vary around the world, so do McDonald's television commercials.

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McDonald's commercials in the United States have long been associated with energetic people enthusiastically crowding into a booth, happily devouring their paper-covered Big Mac. The tone is upbeat, the kids are wholesome, and everyone is thrilled to be under the bright McDonald's lights. We've been treated to jingles ranging from "We do it all for you" to "I'm lovin' it" over the years; we've even been assured that we deserve a break today. Even for those who don’t eat there, McDonald's advertising has made its way into our subconscious.

The fast-food giant has trotted out beloved characters, most notably their red-haired mascot Ronald McDonald, for kids to grow attached to and further promote their family-oriented advertising. Sure, many of us think clowns are really creepy, but... well, wait — in McDonald's first TV spot, circa 1963, featuring Ronald, he really is creepy. He doesn't look much like the Ronald we've come to know, but has a more patched-together scarecrow look, with hay-like hair, a paper cup for a nose, and a large tray on his head. (The role was originated by Willard Scott, long before he became the TODAY Show's weather man.) Ronald has had many makeovers since those days, but has long since settled on the basic uniform of a yellow jumpsuit and red-striped socks. This character set the tone for the family-focused ads that we've become familiar with over the years.

However, there is a whole other world of McDonald's advertising, several worlds in fact. Although McDonald's started in the United States in the 1940s and has been a fast-food standby ever since, it now has restaurants in 119 countries. And all those folks in all those countries need to be advertised to! Surprisingly, McDonald's doesn't always stick with the happy-go-lucky, cramming-food-into-your-mouth advertising we're accustomed to in the U.S. While some of the ads employ humor, certainly, and many do evoke an upbeat mood, it seems that other countries are not afraid to go off-theme and try different methods of getting a viewer's attention. A little darker, a little sexier, a little more offbeat — these commercials are not quite what you may expect.

Top 10 Improbable McDonald's Items from Around the World

Traveling Americans who worry that McDonalds' reputation precedes them: fear not! The truth is, McDonald's gets a warmer reception overseas than back home, partly because global outposts of the Golden Arches go out of their way to accommodate local tastes. At the branch near the Spanish Steps in Rome, you can order a glass of wine with your Big Mac--or skip the burger altogether and opt for pasta, cooked to order.

Wikipedia has a mammoth list of McDonald's attempts to go native, the most compelling of which we have listed here.

1. In Malaysia, Bubur Ayam McD is congee (rice porridge with the consistency of thin oatmeal) with sliced chicken. Bubur Ikan, congee with fish, was also served for a short time.

2. McDonald's seafood offerings don't begin and end with the Filet-O-Fish. In Norway, the McLaks, a salmon sandwich, was served for a time, and the Ebi Filet-O shrimp burger is a regular menu item in Korea and Japan. A lobster roll is available seasonally in Canada's Maritime Provinces (and in New England.)

3. In Thailand, McDonald's offers a salad shaker based on som tam, green papaya salad.

4. In Australia, the ambitious-sounding McPavlova is a meringue disc topped with soft-serve and passionfruit coulis.

5. Kosher branches of McDonald's exist only in Israel and Argentina. Argentina also boasts the only McDonald's outlets in the world that char-grill rather than deep-fry their patties.

6. In Costa Rica, you can get a positively decent-sounding breakfast of pinto gallo (seasoned rice and beans) served with scrambled eggs and pancakes with butter and marmalade.

7. With most sandwiches, Finnish customers can replace the buns with slices of rye bread.

8. In France, wash down your grilled cheese Croque McDo (pronounced mac-dough) with a glass of Kronenbourg beer. From time to time, a marketing campaign called La Saga des Fromages swaps out the usual cheddar with slabs of Reblochon or Tomme.

9. Phillippines' McSpaghetti pairs spaghetti in sweet tomato sauce with frankfurters and grated cheese.

10. McDonald's tried, and failed, to interest the Polish in the McKielbasa, their take on the national sausage.

What variations have you come across or sampled on your travels? I myself ordered a lot of Greek Macs when I was studying in Russia during the Athens Olympics--not because I especially liked Micky D's take on the gyro, but because the limited-season item was the easiest thing on the menu to pronounce.

McDonald's Menu Items From Around The World That Will Seriously Surprise You

We're starting to think this Cookies & Cream pie is better than the UK's McDonald's Apple Pie.

The McDonald's menu is a thing of beauty. The McChicken Sandwich, the Big Mac, the McFlurries and, of course, those McNuggets.

But if you've ever been to a McDonald's in another country you may have felt a twinge of jealousy while checking out what's on offer around the world. For example, tell me you're not tempted to buy a plane ticket to Malaysia in 2021 just to try that Cookies & Cream Pie. Or maybe you've spoken to your aunt in India and arranged a special delivery of 20 Veggie Maharaja Macs. Saying that, we could certainly live without the Philippines' McSpaghetti making an appearance in the UK any time soon.

So, we've rounded up the wildest McDonald's menu items from around the world to make you feel even more annoyed that you can't travel right now.

Chocolate and Avocado

We're not just talking about adding a piece of chocolate to your morning avocado toast, although that does sound delicious. Avocado's creamy, buttery texture naturally lends itself to chocolate-flavored recipes, of which there are many to choose from. Dip your toes into the flavor combination with an avocado and chocolate milkshake, which features cacao powder and a quarter avocado.

The 12 most bizarre McDonald's locations in the world - you won't believe them

Serving around 68 million customers a day in 119 countries around the globe, fast food giant McDonald&aposs has certainly made its mark on the takeaway industry.

And while most of the 35,000 outlets usually have a uniform look that you&aposd recognise anywhere, there are some restaurants that stand out from the crowd.

Take a look below at the 12 most bizarre McDonald&aposs locations that exist around the world.

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Mostly a location associated with the notorious detention camp, which allegedly houses the world&aposs most dangerous terrorists, it might be one of the last places you&aposd expect to need a fast-food restaurant.

Surrounded by barbed wire it doesn&apost look particularly inviting, despite the blue skies and palm trees in the background.

The outlet is only accessible to the base&aposs personnel and is the only McDonald&aposs in Cuba.

Bray, Ireland

This Tudor-style building dates back to the 19th century, and the ground floor operated as a market house until the 1940s.

McDonald&aposs moved in to the impressive structure in 1997 and the upper floors serve as the chambers for Bray Town Council.

This particular outlet has impressed visitors worldwide, it was voted the 5th coolest McDonald&aposs in the world by USA Today.

Roswell, New Mexico

This McDonald&aposs is out of this world - (almost) literally.

The restaurant is located in Roswell, made famous in 1947 after it was alleged that a UFO crsh landed in fields near to the town.

Cashing in on the phenomenon which brings visitors from all over the world, the fast food outlet is designed in the shape of a spaceship so you can enjoy your hamburger with a side of extra-terrestrial activity - if you&aposre lucky.

Freeport, Maine

No huge in-your-face golden arches at this McDonald&aposs, in fact the restaurant&aposs trademark logo is barely visible at all.

If you look closely you&aposll spot it hidden in the windows of this house - yes it&aposs a house - that dates back to the 1850s.

Reportedly owned by a sea captain, you can enjoy your lobster rolls in a cosy dining room with a grand fireplace at this particular outlet.

Melbourne, Australia

This quirky looking building was once a 1930s hotel in Melbourne.

The Art Deco style restaurant keeps true to its roots with a retro dining room and a neon lights that glow at night.

Macca&aposs (as it known to the Australian&aposs) is particularly popular with the Aussies due to its unusual design.

Kristiansand, Norway

This beautiful building is now bathed in the yellow light of the bright McDonald&aposs sign.

Formerly a bank dispensing money and loans, it now exchanges your hard-earned cash for burgers and chips.

The original impressive main doors to the bank are still intact, but visitor&aposs can no longer use these, and instead must enter at the side of the building.

Sedona, Arizona

A green logo? Now that is a little bit different.

Sedona&aposs strict zoning ordinances means that this restaurant had to blend in with its surrounding landscape of the natural red-rock.

Et voila, a green and orange colour theme makes the fast food outlet barely recognisible.

New Hyde, New York

You&aposd be forgiven for driving straight past this mansion without a second though.

But look more closely and you&aposll see that the 19th-century building has actually been turned into a McDonald&aposs.

Originally set to be demolished, the fast food company bought the structure in 1985 after local activist groups secured landmark status for the building.

Prague, Czech Republic

More ironic than anything else, America&aposs icon of capitalism is situated right outside the Museum of Communism in Prague.

And you could mistake the outside space for a trendy wine bar, somewhere to watch the world go by.

If it wasn&apost for the giant umbrellas and bright red plastic chairs, of course.

Dallas, Texas

Like Blackpool Illuminations but multiplied by a hamburger - or three.

This huge, brightly lit structure is a sure fire way to catch the attention of just about anyone.

Complete with giant fries, a Big Mac and a Coke, this restaurant, built in the shape of a Happy Meal box certainly knows how to tempt the customer in.

Negev Desert, Israel

Is that an oasis you can see in the hazy distance?

No it&aposs a McDonald&aposs, slap bang in the middle of desert. And it actually gets quite busy, serving passing travellers making their way to towns in the south of the country.

This restaurant serves up kosher beef burgers and you can sit back and enjoy the endless sandy views that stretch for miles around.

Barstow, California

All aboard the fast food train at Barstow Station!

In-keeping with the area&aposs locomotive heritage, this outlet can be found on Route 66, a popular destination with tourists.

The restaurant itself is housed inside the train&aposs carriages, giving your lunch-time stop off an authentic feel.

17 Chicken McDo

Speaking of strange food combinations, have you ever eaten fried chicken with spaghetti? Probably not, and to be fair, no one would blame you. However, this food combination is incredibly popular in the Philippines, and really, why shouldn't it be? Spaghetti? Good. Fried chicken? Good. Seems like a win-win situation to us. Unfortunately, McDonald's spaghetti already failed in North America, so it's unlikely that we will ever get to try the Fried Chicken McDo. If you really want to experience this combo, you'll have to book your travel plans to the Philippines now, and quickly find a McDonald's once you land.

McDonald’s customers claim new paper straws are ‘soggy’ and ‘ruining’ milkshakes on Twitter

McDonald’s customers have expressed outrage after the fast food giant has replaced its plastic straws with paper alternatives.

Last June, the US fast food chain announced it would end the use of plastic straws in all 1,361 branches across the UK after nearly half a million people called for the company to make the change.

The company began phasing out plastic straws last September, with the process to be completed sometime this year.

However, the move has angered customers, with several now taking to Twitter to complain the paper straws are ruining their drinks, specifically milkshakes.

One customer tweeted: “With the paper straws they are fine for coke but the other day I had a milkshake and I struggled so so much that I ended up getting one of my own plastic straws at home.”

Eight of the strangest McDonald's meals from around the world

1 /8 Eight of the strangest McDonald's meals from around the world

Eight of the strangest McDonald's meals from around the world

Cheesy Rice Bowl with Chicken Strips (India)

Eight of the strangest McDonald's meals from around the world

Ham N' Egg Twisty Pasta (Hong Kong)

Eight of the strangest McDonald's meals from around the world

Big Shrimp (Russia)

Eight of the strangest McDonald's meals from around the world

Pizza Mac (Germany)

Eight of the strangest McDonald's meals from around the world

EBI Filet-O Burger (Japan)

Eight of the strangest McDonald's meals from around the world

Germknödel doughnut (Austria)

Eight of the strangest McDonald's meals from around the world

Bubur Ayam (Malaysia)

Eight of the strangest McDonald's meals from around the world

Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti

Another added: “Yo @McDonaldsUK how I meant to drink my milkshake outta this lmao. Stop with the paper straws…[sic].”

One Twitter user commented: “@McDonaldsUK why don't you use the same material that you use for the cups for the straws? That way you know it can last a while and doesn't have a weird disgusting after taste.”

“@McDonalds paper straws and milk shakes don’t go together, won’t be coming back,” added another.


Customers are so upset that one has launched a petition, which has now garnered more than 34,000 signatures, calling for McDonald’s to bring back the plastic straws.

One signatory described the paper versions as “absolutely useless”, while another suggested the company consider using "biodegradable plastic straws made from natural products".

The new straws are made of paper derived from certified sustainable sources, according to the company.

In light of the complaints, a spokesperson from McDonald's tells The Independent: "“Our suppliers have made us paper straws that last at least 30 minutes in most, if not all liquids.

"They were introduced following customer feedback, and we are pleased to be doing the right thing in removing plastic from our restaurants and taking significant steps to reduce our environmental impact.”

In October 2018, the European Parliament voted for an extensive ban on single-use plastics to stop pollution entering the world’s oceans.

Products including plastic plates, cutlery, straws and cotton buds will all be eradicated from 2021 under the plans.


The ban is intended to affect items for which valid alternatives are available, which are estimated to make up more than 70 per cent of marine litter.

The Independent has contacted McDonald's for comment.

Because it seems that people from all around the world crave Italian food, McDonald’s brings the people of Bahrain and other Middle Eastern countries The Italian, a chicken parmesan-esque sandwich complete with garlic basil sauce. The website proclaims it’s an Italian “trophy of deliciousness”.

Made with tehina sauce, Arabic flatbread and either Kofta or chicken patties, this sandwich is popular in many Middle Eastern countries. Funnily enough, Turkey, South Africa, and a number of other countries, have variations on the McArabia that simply use different pita bread, different sauce, and of course a different McName.

McDonald's Shares Sausage and Egg McMuffin Recipe so You Can Make Them at Home

With the current pandemic, doing the simplest of tasks might have become a worry for you. Things, like going to the park or the shops or even going out to grab food, have become more difficult.

But, for all those who are fans of the McDonald's McMuffin then you need not worry anymore.

McDonald's has shared a recipe so that you can make it from the comfort of your own home.

Keep reading to find out how.

As the pandemic is progressing, simple tasks are becoming more of a risk.

And fears are beginning to spread.

And although there are some travel restrictions in place, the US is not in lockdown.

But some people are limiting being outside regardless.

And if your one of those people who is wanting to stay at home more.

In the hope that it will help stop the spread.

Then you might have thought about those luxuries that you might be missing out on.

Things like getting takeout.

But, if one of the things you will miss the most is McDonald's, then you need not worry.

As the golden arches have got us covered.

McDonald's has shared a recipe so that you can make its McMuffin at home.

McDonald's shared the recipe card of the Sausage and Egg McMuffin.

Meaning you can still enjoy the iconic meal from the comfort of your own home.

And to make it even better.

Most of the ingredients are ones that you might have lying around anyway.

To get making your very own, you will only need four ingredients.

Which are: English muffins, eggs, sausage meat, cheese slices.

And if you're wanting to make it even better.

Then grab a potato and you can make your own hash browns as well.

Here's how to begin making your McMuffin masterpiece.

Start by toasting your muffin until its golden brown.

Grab 75g of sausage meat and season with salt and pepper.

Shape it into little patty shapes and then cook under a preheated grill for six to seven minutes or as per instructions on the packaging.

Then start on your eggs by brushing the inside of a metal ring with oil, then placing it in a frying pan.

Pour in just enough water to cover the base and crack your eggs in. Cover them over with a lid and cook for two to three minutes.

The final step is to assemble your McMuffin.

Not forgetting to add your cheese slice.

And if you're wanting to take it one step further.

Then here's how to make the perfect hash brown to go alongside.

Start by grating your potato in a bowl.

Once grated mix in an egg and season with salt and pepper.

Heat your frying pan and add some oil.

Then add in spoonfuls of your mixture and cook until golden brown.

There is one important thing to remember though.

Always refer to cooking instructions provided on manufacturers' packaging, and ensure no pink meat remains before serving

During the time this building was built, its architects probably weren't too concerned about putting in a drive-thru window. But McDonald's has made itself a home in this 1800s facade in the town hall building in Bray in County Wicklow, Ireland.

USA Today named the spot one of its top 10 coolest McDonald's around the world and had this to say: " The walk-up restaurant looks a tad out of place in such a pastoral location, but with a location right inside the Town Hall, they've certainly figured out the most central location in the city!"

Watch the video: 9 unangebrachte Schulmaterialien - Die tatsächlich existieren! (August 2022).