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Pie with cream cheese and raisins

Pie with cream cheese and raisins

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Let the pie sheets thaw in the refrigerator from evening to morning.

We soak the raisins in rum for a few hours.

Carefully unfold the sheets and grease each one with oil. Divide them into 3.

Mix the cheese, sour cream, raisins, semolina, eggs, vanilla sugar and sugar, mixing well. Divide the composition into 3 and grease the 3 rows of sheets, then roll carefully.

We put a baking paper in a large tray (I used the delimano tray for the first time and I was surprised to bake the sheets very nicely, they didn't burn at all, as I usually suffer). We put the pie in the tray and grease with the yolk of an egg (as best as possible to grease the heads). Bake for about 50 minutes, depending on the oven, until it gets a golden crust. Let it cool then sprinkle powdered sugar on top.

What ingredients do we use for the Dobrogean pie recipe created with sweet cheese and raisins?

  • 1 packet of pie sheets
  • 100 g of raisins
  • 150 g of butter
  • 1 kg of cottage cheese
  • vanilla
  • 6-7 eggs
  • 150-200 g of sugar
  • a pinch of salt

How to make the recipe for the Dobrogean pie created (with sweet cheese and raisins)?

You can read further the written recipe or go directly to the video recipe, here:

In a bowl put cheese, salt, eggs, raisins and spices. Mix well, then add the sugar and mix once more. At the pie there is no need to beat foam eggs, it is enough to mix everything very well.

If the cheese is drier, you can add 1-2 more eggs. The composition must be slightly fluid, see how I did it, in the video.

Grease a pan with plenty of butter. I used a round tray, specifically Dobrogean & # 128578 It is one of my mother's trays. Take 2 sheets of pie, sprinkle with butter, put the cheese filling. They wrinkle (see more clearly in the video) and are placed in the tray, in the shape of a snail. The same is done with the other sheets and the filling.

Dobrogean pie created with sweet cheese and raisins

I've used commercial pie sheets now, but you can pie sheets at home / see recipe .

It is good to keep about 1/3 of the amount of butter for the end and with it grease the pie well on top. If the filling remains, you can pour it on top. In this way, Dobrogean pie it will brown nicely and the sheets will be soft, not hard.

Bake in the preheated oven, at a temperature of 200 degrees, fire up and down for about 30 minutes. When it is nicely browned, our pie is ready. Surely the smell will let you know when it's ready & # 128578 & # 128578

When serving, you can put yogurt or sour cream on top, or serve with a glass of sweet, sour & hellip milk as desired.

Do you know what this pie is like?

The taste is similar to the pie that was served in the old days, but with that something extra, as if given by the hands of grandparents who are no more, it has some childhood flavor. Due to the butter used in abundance, the pie is tender and does not harden after cooling.

God, how good it is! I swallow hard, even though I'm barely done. You better do it too, otherwise I don't guarantee you won't dream of eating pies at night & # 128578

Be happy, healthy and in a big bag! & # 128578

Re & # 539 recipes with Gina Bradea & raquo Recipes & raquo Dobrogean pie created with sweet cheese and raisins

400 grams of sweet cow cheese

2 sachets of vanilla sugar

More and icircnt & acirci prepare the dough: put the yeast, a tablespoon of flour, one tablespoon of sugar, mix and & icirc together with the milk, also about a tablespoon, mix well, add a little more flour and milk.

Heat the milk, but do not overheat. The sugar is added to the milk, and mixed until it is homogenous.

Then add the mayonnaise over the flour you have sifted, then put the yolks, the lemon & acircie essence, the lemon & acircie peel and mix them, and the milk will be put over the ingredients gradually.

Then add salt, butter mixed with oil little by little, because the dough should be soft.

Then mix all the ingredients for the filling.

As soon as you notice that the dough has risen quite a bit, you need to remove it from the container. In order not to stick the dough, it would be better to use oil on tomorrow, then separate the dough & icircn in two parts.

Prepare a round tray by placing baking paper, then place the first half of the dough and spread it over the entire surface of the tray. Then put the filling, and on top the dough is filled. To have a more special color, you can beat an egg and with a brush apply well on top of the dough.

Noodle pudding with cheese and raisins

I have many sweet memories of my mother's kitchen, but the noodle pudding with cheese and raisins is the most vivid of all. We loved this simple and quick dessert, and Mum knew that and made it for me and my brother very often.

In summer we ate a piece of cold pudding from the fridge, and in winter, after we returned from the sleigh, the noodle pudding was waiting for us on the table, slightly warm, and we ate it with honey or a little grated chocolate on top.

At the invitation of LaDoiPasi, I thought of going back to my childhood and preparing this sweet pudding with pasta. In Transylvania I ate something similar, Vargabéles, which, unlike noodle pudding, has the filling covered with thin sheets of pie, and the noodles are replaced with broad pasta, tagliatelle type.

The ingredients for the pudding are available to anyone, it is important to be of the best quality. I used fresh cow's milk, cream, country eggs, nest noodles and FineLife golden raisins (products you can find in LaDoiPasi stores across the country).

This pudding turned out so tasty that I ate two pieces from a fire!

What pasta do we use for the pudding?

I use thin noodles, but Mommy makes pudding with wide noodles. In my opinion, thin noodles are much more suitable for this recipe, the slices are cut perfectly and, besides the delicious taste, they look very beautiful. When I don't have time to make noodles at home, I buy them. This time I used noodle nests from FineLife, they were great for this pudding recipe.

What cheese do we use for noodle pudding?

Beef cheese is the first choice for this recipe, but, to be honest, I prefer sweet pasta pudding with creamy urda or ricotta. So, if you don't have cottage cheese, or you don't like its slightly sour taste, you can replace it with urda or ricotta.

Noodle pudding with cheese and raisins & # 8211 Ingredients (tray 25 & # 21520 cm)

  • 500 g cow's cheese / urda / ricotta
  • 4 eggs
  • 100 g FineLife golden raisins
  • 150 g of FineLife nest noodles
  • 100 g of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 lemon (grated peel only)
  • 2 tablespoons breadcrumbs + 25 g butter (to cover the pudding)
  • breadcrumbs + butter (for wallpaper tray)
  • rom / esenta de rom
  • ¼ small teaspoon of salt

Pasta pudding with cheese and raisins & # 8211 Step by step preparation

I invite you on the LaDoiPasi website for the preparation, step by step, of the pudding recipe with noodles and raisins.

CLICK HERE for the complete recipe

Other practical and simple ideas for home, recipes and useful tips are waiting for you on the LaDoiPasi website.

Appetizer pie with Telemea cheese, salami and ham

Appetizer pie with Telemea cheese, salami and ham, a delicious pie with crispy leaves and creamy and flavorful filling. I recommend it made with lava sheets or rustic pie sheets. Step-by-step video recipe.

I am Moldovan-Dobrogean, born in Galati and raised on both banks of the Danube, and in Moldova and Dobrogea. I've said that before, and I'll say it again, because I really like it. I had fierce and very housewife women in both families, Moldovan and Dobrogean.

So I have a really impressive collection of recipes, and for pies, I honestly and without modesty admit that I'm really good & # 537tera & # 128578

Here you will find all my pie recipes , including how to make sheets, fillings, how to bake. I told all the secrets I know. I have sweet and savory pies, pies with leavened dough sheets, soft, or with fine sheets to read the newspaper through them, Moldovan and Dobrogean pies with cheese, spinach, cabbage, fruits, apples, meat, pumpkin & hellipsi and more. You will see from now on how much Madame Bradea knows, that if I returned permanently to Romania, I also have the necessary raw material & # 128578

Ingredients for the recipe for Pie Pies with cheese, onion and dill

  • It took:
  • 1kg flour
  • 25 g fresh yeast
  • 20 g of sugar
  • A teaspoon of salt
  • 60 ml oil
  • 500 ml of water
  • Filling: 600 g salted cow's cheese (telemea)
  • A green onion tie
  • Dill to everyone's taste
  • For frying: oil

How to prepare pie with sweet cheese and leavened dough with lard or butter

For the dough, knead the dough from the ingredients shown, just like at cherry pie.

How to make sweet cottage cheese filling with raisins for pie?

For the filling, mix the cheese with the sugar, add the eggs and finally the semolina, vanilla and lemon peel. When the composition is homogenized, the raisins are added.

How to make leavened dough rolled with cream cheese and raisins?

The dough for the sweet cheese pie sat long enough until I prepared the filling. It is divided in two because two pies will result. Each lies on a floured countertop. Lightly flour on top.

Roll the two longer sides inwards.

Then it folds from side to side.

It stretches again so that it has a thickness of about 5-6 mm.

Cut strips on one side (most practically with a pizza cutter) exactly as in the picture.


Foodblogger at Savori Urbane. #savoriurbane

Put half of the filling in the middle.

Cover with strips of dough.

Grease the sweet cheese pie with beaten egg.

How to make Cozonac with cheese and raisins rope recipe?

How to prepare the dough for fluffy cake?

For the dough, mix the yeast, sugar and milk, sprinkle 200 g of flour on top and leave on the table for 10 minutes.

Then add the rest of the ingredients and knead the dough on a robot or by hand. Kneading takes 12-15 minutes to help form the gluten network.

Leave the dough to rise until it doubles, placed in a bowl and covered with plastic wrap (or put completely in the big bag). For me it lasted an hour but it depends on the ambient temperature.

How to make the cake filling with cheese and raisins?

The cheese filling is very simple. Mix all ingredients. The cheese must be drained of whey. If it is more watery, you can add 2-3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs.

How to fill and roll the cake with cheese?

The dough is spread on the lightly floured table so as to obtain a rectangle. Spread the filling on top. Roll everything carefully and press the ends and edges carefully (pinch the dough a little) so that the filling does not come out.


Foodblogger at Savori Urbane. #savoriurbane

In a long form of cake or cake put baking paper (you can use the usual oven tray, especially if you make several cakes, 2-3 at a time) and place the roll. Leave to rise in the bag for approx. 30 minutes.

After fermentation, grease with beaten egg and sprinkle with almonds (optional).

How to bake cheese rope?

Bake this cheese cake in the preheated oven at 180 ° C (top + bottom function + ventilation or medium stage in gas ovens) for 30 minutes. If necessary, after 20 minutes it can be covered with baking paper. Then reduce the temperature to 170 ° C and bake for another 10 minutes. The cheese rope must be brown and floury!

After baking, the cake is removed from the mold and left to cool on a wire rack. It must be ventilated, not condensed. Only after complete cooling can we slice the rope with cheese.

How soft and nice this cake with cheese is !! It melts in your mouth! The dough is fluffy and the filling is very fragrant with vanilla and lemon peel.

Another old recipe from grandma is Pie and raisin pie & # 8211 can be found here.

It is worth trying this recipe too cake with cheese and raisins rope recipe!

Video: A Must Try Soft u0026 Fluffy Raisins Cream Cheese Rolls - نان کشمشی و پنیر خامه ای بسیار نرم و خوشمزه (August 2022).