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Arby’s Is Giving Out Free 6-DVD Sets Featuring Meat Smoking for 21 Hours… and That’s It

Arby’s Is Giving Out Free 6-DVD Sets Featuring Meat Smoking for 21 Hours… and That’s It

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After setting the Guinness World Record for longest commercial aired, Arby’s is giving out DVDs of their smoked meat footage

But wait, there’s more! If you order your set of 6 DVDs, we’ll throw in a free craving for smoked brisket!

From the people who brought you the Meat Mountain comes this summer’s meatiest blockbuster: The Arby’s Smokehouse Commercial Collection.Arby’s is playing to your carnal carnivorous desires by giving out free six-DVD sets featuring 21 hours of meat-smoking footage. If you’re feeling a little hungry and a little confused as to why anyone would want to watch meat smoking for 21 hours… well, we don’t know either.

But we do know that the free meat DVDs (which you can order online at, of course), are a follow-up to Arby’s Guinness World Record-breaking 13-hour commercial, which aired last year on My9 in Minnesota. It featured the slow-cooking process of Arby’s 13-hour brisket, and the plot was juicy, to say the least. So juicy, in fact, that it re-aired online and was watched by 400,000 extremely hungry and possibly bored Arby’s fans.

You can relive the 13-hour brisket (along with eight bonus hours of smoked turkey recording) from the comfort of your own television by ordering now, while supplies last. We can’t wait to lay our eyes on that sizzling recording.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Carnitas

Braised and shredded pork shoulder is a staple of Mexican cuisine that Chipotle prepares with a simple blend of flavors, and a surprising ingredient you may not have expected: juniper berries. Once you track those down (they’re easy to find online), the berries are combined with thyme and bay leaves in a braising liquid that will transform your own pork roast into an easily shreddable thing of beauty in under 3 hours. Then you can use your freshly cloned carnitas on tacos, in burritos, or in a bowl over rice and beans just like they do in the restaurant.

When picking your pork roast, try to find one without too much fat. If your roast has a thick cap of fat on it, trim off the excess. You want some fat in your braising liquid, but if the cap of fat is too thick, it may not fully render down and you’ll get chunks of fat in the shred.

It’s often assumed that the pork butt is from the rear end of the pig, even though cuts from the back region already have a name: ham. The pork butt, also known as a Boston butt, is cut from the other end, the upper shoulder of the pig. It’s called a “butt” because in pre-Revolutionary War New England the roasts were stored and transported in barrels called “butts”, and the confusing name stuck.

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November 2, 2009

Rapper Releases Video Directed by Heath Ledger (VIDEO)

A rapper who was a childhood friend of his has released a video directed by Heath Ledger, filmed just a bit before Ledger died. You can see the video below, along with more info on how it came about.

The rapper, N'fa Forster-Jones grew up with the famed actor in Australia, and benefitted from Heath Ledger's passion for directing videos by lesser known artists he wanted to support. Now as N'fa released the video he is also telling the story of how hsi friend Heath Ledger came to be working with him on this special memory:

Rapper Releases Video Directed by Heath Ledger

An Australian rapper who was a boyhood friend of Heath Ledger has released a music video the star directed shortly before his death. N'fa Forster-Jones posted the 3 minute, 31 second-clip for his song "Cause An Effect" on his YouTube and MySpace pages on Thursday.

Rapper Releases Video Directed by Heath Ledger

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Sadie Hawkins Day, Capp & Life Magazine

How many holidays can you name that were inspired by a comic strip? Wellm one you might know is Sadie Hawkins Day, which was invented in the Andy Capp strip in Life Magazine.

Andy Capp's Lil Abner comic strip first mentioned Sadie Hawkins day in 1937, and only a few years later it had swept the country as a favorite holiday, inviting women too chase men down and ask them on dates, which back then was never done. Nowadays those gender roles are a little looser, but some people still celebrate Sadie Hawkins day almost 75 years after Andy Capp birthed it in Life Magazine.

Sadie Hawkins Day, Capp & Life Magazine

In 1939, only two years after its inauguration, a double-page spread in Life magazine proclaimed, "On Sadie Hawkins Day, Girls Chase Boys in 201 Colleges" . by the early 1940s the comic strip event had swept the nation and acquired a life of its own. By 1952, Sadie Hawkins Day was reportedly celebrated at 40,000 known venues.

Sadie Hawkins Day, Capp & Life Magazine

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Black Friday: Busiest Saturday for Shopping!

It's November, which means we're working up to Black Friday, busiest Saturday of the year for holiday shopping.

Stores and business are hoping for an extra busy Black Friday this year, with shoppers taking advantage of sales and deals for Christmas presents, and helpin get the economy going again. Many stores will start Black Friday off with midnight sales, and hope to see shoppers rushing in like the bulls of Pamplona once again. Although hopefully nobody will get trampled, as has happened in the past. Craven consumerism is okay in moderation but let's not go too crazy!

Black Friday: Busiest Saturday for Shopping!

Today is "Black Friday," a term used by merchants who've been in the "red" most of the year to describe their hopeful outlook for the holiday shopping season. NPR's Tony Cox gets a holiday retail outlook from Brett Pulley, senior editor at Forbes magazine and a specialist on entertainment finance and electronic retail.

Black Friday: Busiest Saturday for Shopping!

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MLK's Daughter to Head Civil Rights Group

The King family tradition carried on this weekm as MLK's daughter Bernice was elected to head the historic civil rights group from her father's era, the SCLC

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference elected Bernice King as their leader decades after her father became their original head. A member of the SCLC said: "She seems to have renewed her commitment to the ideas and legacy of her father . There was a time that she was not as interested in the movement, but she talked to us about going back and reading her father's books and studying her father's message."

MLK's Daughter to Head Civil Rights Group

Bernice King has been chosen as the first woman to head the civil rights organisation that her father, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, co-founded. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference announced the election of Miss King as its eighth president on Friday morning.

MLK's Daughter to Head Civil Rights Group

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Father Uses Son's Ashes in Tattoo

A father who recently lost his son found a unique way to remember him: by using his ashes in a tattoo.

The British man lost his son to a rare disease at the age of two, but found that a local tattoo parlor in Greater Manchester was willing to help him work through the tragedy with a special tribute, getting a tattoo of his son drawn on his chest, with his late son's ashes mixed in with the ink. For the full story and photos see below.

Father Uses Son's Ashes in Tattoo

A father from Herefordshire is to have a portrait of his dead son tattooed on his chest using the child's ashes. Mark Richmond, 39, and his wife Lisa, 31, said they wanted to do something as a lasting tribute to their son Ayden.

Father Uses Son's Ashes in Tattoo

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For the love of cooking

As you know by now after reading some of my gastric-obessesed travel blog postings, I am a huge foodie. And so, as is the case with lovers of fine cuisine, I taught myself to cook. But while my friend Tiffany is a Food Network junkie, I just find watching others mix marinades and bake muffins makes me hungry enough to get off the couch and get the oven going. I tend to throw things in the air a lot and see where they land when I make dinner. Mostly, my dear Alan will eat anything. Sometimes it will become a firm favourite (like last week’s leek, bacon, mushroom…? dish) and then it my job to spend eternity trying to recall what exactly went into it.

So it would make sense that in this year’s Martha Stewart Everyday Food Magazine gift subscription I enclosed a note inviting Tiffany to join me on a challenge of the tastebuds. The idea was to take turns hosting a monthly dinner party for friends in our homes, where each guest brought two things with them: A dish and a bottle of wine. Both were to adhere to a strict set of rules set by the host. Food theme ideas for dinners included those along the idea of a country or region, temperature, ingredient, season or holiday, and color. The wine could be challenged on price, vintage, region, or varietal.

So it was that I kicked off the club last month with Carribean Night.

It’s true when they say that local Carribean cuisine smacks of a spice you just can’t quite put your finger on. This is often attributed to the creativity of chefs of the islands who use traditional ingredients in untraditional ways. Nutmeg, for example, is the accompaniment to allspice (also known as “jamaica berry”) in the wonderfully, tangy jerk chicken. Scotch bonnet peppers, the small, orange, wrinkly and extremely hot chillies are the hallmark of Caribbean cuisine but can go in little else. Food is drizzled in coconut, sprinkled with limes, tossed in beans.

The ladies were set the task and it was agreed the feast would comprise pineapple salsa, plantains, and shrimp sauteed in coconut, followed by bean salad, jerk chicken with mango salsa, lime and cilantro rice, and ended nicely with bananas flambed in rum, almonds and toasted coconut. To my surprise the men rose to the challenge of the kitchen, with my Alan jerking chicken outside to an applewood chip beat, and Chris (of guest couple number 1) nearly burning down my kitchen while lighting the rummed bananas. Alan posted photos of the islands onto our flatscreen and we bopped to some hipswaying beats while Tiff tossed her bean salad.

All ready for the office reorganization

My boss asked to see me in her office Friday. This is far from an everyday request so – considering the state of the economy and particularly concerns about the so-called “jobless recovery” we’re experiencing in which the unemployment rate still hovers near 10% and new job creation is at a virtual standstill – I was, like, freaking out.

A manager who wants to discuss potentially bad news with an underling is at a distinct advantage if they play their cards right. In this environment, the employee automatically assumes the worst is about to happen. Anything less than a pink slip, a box to collect your personal effects and a security-guard-escorted walk to the parking lot becomes welcome news.

If they put enough drama into the meeting, closing the door behind you as you enter and remaining grim-faced as you settle into your chair, you’ll accept almost anything else they have to say with enthusiasm.

“Dave, I’ve called you in here today to discuss some new directions we see your career here taking,” they can say.

“New directions,” you hear. As in, make a left as you leave the building, then a right at the second light, and you’ll see the unemployment office on the left? you wonder.

“We’ve got some new duties we want you to add to your current skill set,” they can continue.

“New duties,” you hear. A sign of hope?

“We need someone to scrub the floor of the men’s room each day using only their tongue,” they can offer. “And we think you’re just the man for the job.”

“I still have a job!” you think. Relief floods your mind. “That sounds like something I can handle,” you answer. “I’m all salivated up and ready to go. When can I start?”

So when my boss started talking about the reorganization our department is about to undertake, and how it will affect the hours I work and the place where I sit, I was more than happy to listen respectfully and nod my head in an affirmative motion at all the right places. I was not losing my job after all. That was what they call in the corporate world my “key takeaway.”

But now that I’ve had a few days to think about what she said, in the context of not having to trade my comfortable suburban house for a homeless shelter, I have some concerns about a few of these changes.

I’m not going to have to get used to a new chair, am I?

We all have the same type of chairs in my office, but after several years of use, not all of the features still work on every chair. I need more than just a flat horizontal surface to place my can. I need a certain level of lumbar support. I don’t like the armrests to be so high as to interfere with my typing, or too low to provide rest for my arms when I’m reading. The wheels need to work properly so I can scoot to the coffeemaker with a single thrust of my legs.

What about mousepads? Can we keep the ones we currently have?

I like the kind that has the little mound of gel you can rest your wrist on. I don’t like the kind that advertises Office Depot or the pharmaceutical industry’s latest anti-depressant. My wrist tends to get tired after a long day of clicking and dragging, and I’m not sure I can put in a full eight hours with a weary forearm.

The carousel of supplies at my current desk is organized just as I like it. Can I take it with me to my new desk?

A few years ago, in the throes of another reorganization that saw us sticking labels on everything that didn’t move, the different storage slots on my carousel got signs for what goes into each area: “staple remover” reads one, “red pens and pencils” reads another, “black/blue pens” reads a third. This seemed silly at the time, but I’ve grown used to it since then. When I’m through using a rubber band or a paper clip, I want to know where it should be returned to. These labels are the lifeblood of my sanity, and my whole worldview will be affected if I don’t know where to put the medium-sized sticky notes when I’m through with them.

Will I have a stapler and scissors at my new desk?

Right now, I don’t have ready access to these seemingly essential tools of office work. I don’t know whether we just have a shortage, or whether there might be some safety issue involved. I feel I’ve demonstrated a level of responsibility during my 30-plus years with the company to show I can be trusted to handle sharp instruments. If there is some training involved in how to properly attach one piece of paper to another, I’d be eager to learn. I believe learning is a lifelong pursuit and am always eager to gain new skills.

Can I be positioned directly beneath an air-conditioning vent?

Most people in my office seem to be suffering a chronic hypothermia that requires them to constantly fiddle with the thermostat until the room becomes a sauna. I’m originally from Miami, and grew up there in the days before air-conditioning. I appreciate a nice draft as welcome refreshment. You can even put me near the door if you want to it’ll make it that much easier to slip out five minutes early at the end of the day.

Please don’t make me sit next to Kelly. Please. I beg of you. Have some basic human compassion.

Kelly is our office loudmouth. She chatters endlessly about every detail of her personal life. I don’t want to constantly be hearing about how her son has done at soccer practice, how she has a new cat, how her husband is going back to school again instead of getting a job, how she has this lump on her side that she needs to get checked out. If I want to know these things, I’ll sign up for her online newsletter.

Finally, I need both a recycling bin and a trash can at my new desk.

I’ll often work through lunch, eating a sandwich at my work station. When I’m done, I’ll usually save the Zip-Lock bag I packed it in, unless it’s been stained by mayonnaise dripping out the side of my turkey sandwich. When this happens, I’d like to be able to throw it away without getting up. I don’t want to put it into recycling, because that would destroy the Earth.

Oh yeah, and one more thing: Don’t make me share a desk with Edwin on second shift.

Edwin is notorious for eating three-fourths of an onion-packed Subway sandwich and tossing the rest in his desk-side garbage can instead of — as we were specifically instructed in an email dated September 27, 2003 — putting any smelly trash in the breakroom receptacle. The maintenance people usually empty the office trash cans at mid-morning, so whoever shares a desk with Edwin has to smell old onions for half the day. This, I will not abide.

Somebody in management needs to have a talk with Edwin. Let him think he’s getting the ax, and he’ll be more than grateful to stop putting his onions in the regular trash.


Actress Bergen Williams plays Alice, the butch maid and arm wrestler. I would guess she goes to the Lesbetarian church.

She worked as a story editor on tv series - POWER RANGERS WILD FORCE.

A butch maid named Alice? Call my lawyer!

That bitch wears my look better than I did!

Back in 2008, she told a mag that she had married her partner on Nov. 1, 2008. That date was just a few days before Prop 8 overturned same sex marriage in California. So, sounds like she goes to the Lesbetairan Church.

This is bullshit. There's only room for one Alice.

Move over, bitches! I'm a triple threat!

I guess i should have know big Alice was gay.

Ryan C. looking stunning at fan club weekend.

I thought Ava and Julian were being too sexy with each other for brother and sister. Julian strutting around without a shirt, and Ava posing in her lounging dress. Weird.

When the characters first came on, Julian was constantly in nothing but his boxers around Ava. It was always weird.

Kinda hot. I want Julian to walk around in boxers around me.

The veiled undercurrent of incest is very Grifters-y.

Well, they're only -half- siblings, so they wouldn't have exceptional children.

I do not like wearing the pants.

Clues are there that Fluke is Alcazar.

Who on GH would look best walking around nekkid?

I think "Julian", William DeVry, would own it. "Morgan", the youngest, sexiest hardbody, would be magnificent.

Ryan Carnes just always looks greasy and dirty, as tho he stank. Doesn't do much for me. Ditto for Dante, woth his trashy tattoos.

"Levi" please always wear winter gear. They must've named Uggs after him.

Nathan West would definitely look the best in his underwear.

Somebody in the previous thread brought up Fatso KMc slamming Freddie Prinz JR on Twitter.

Who the fuck does she think she is acting like she dodged some bullet by not marrying him.

Have you looked in a mirror ? You're a cow and alone while he's married with kids. I doubt he even remembers her.

I don't care at this point who Fluke is. It's always a stupid resolution and Carltuni will always fuck it up anyway. It won't amount to a hill of beans.

If it is Alcazar does that mean Empress Geary will rip off his mask and become Ted King? Yum yum!

So ABC news fucked us out of the end of a Friday GH AGAIN. Doesn't Obama and the rest of the world know any other time to give speeches and shit than between 2-3pm EST! I hate watching on the computer and on Demand where you can't ff the fucking commercials.

Aren't things a day off schedule because ABC re-aired an ep that was preempted a week or so back?

Someone will upload today's episode on youtube in the next few hours.

R25 Yes. Today was really just a Thursday episode.

Gotta love these discussions - they've truly entered into "and such small portions!" territory.

"The campy writing and overstuffed cast have made the show unwatchable and now they have the nerve to pre-empt it!

That's a great analogy, R28, and SO true!

It's a lot more fun when you don't take this stuff so seriously. Half the pleasure comes from being able to poke fun at the show as you're watching it. Relax. Have a drink first! There's always Masterpiece Theater if you want high art.

I wonder when Madame Cartooni will be paying homage to Edge of Night's Clown Puppet Murders. He thought it was the greatest camp fest of all time. It was fun BUT it was well written.Cartooni's writing is more like shitty comic book writing from the 1970s without the fun!

Hey, I'm the one complaining about the interruption today and I enjoy the show for the most part. Besides, even if a show stinks to high heaven it's my decision to watch or not. I don't like the News Dept. taking that decision away from me. I still don't know why every freaking interruption on the face of the earth always comes between 2 and 3 pm EST. It was always this way. When OLTL had that spot it too was always interrupted, not so much AMC or GH when it was on 3-4.

If you notice never, except one time when there was a earthquake and they couldn't keep playing, has a sports show been interrupted. The world could be ending and they would never interrupt a football game. It just shows a lack of respect for those who watch soaps.

I am happy to know it was a Thursday and not a Friday show so thanks and thanks for the You Tube tip.

My online friend who makes all the soapy conventions was just posting pics of herself with RyCar. Lucky woman.

She is very lucky R34. I wonder if RC is just as willing to take pictures with men, lol, not that I'll ever get to meet him but if I did a pic would be nice to have.

Now she has one posted with her between DeVry(whose event it is)and Carnes. Paevey wasn't there. That would be too much!

There's a small blurb in the new Soap Opera Digest about how a crazy frau sent Ryan Paevey her sex toy and wanted him to sign it. WTF is wrong with people?

Alright--which one of you whores sent Paevey that sex toy?

Just watching today's ep. How pitiful is it that Franco/Howarth has been reduced to playing second banana to an 8 year old?

R37 It was a crazy guy . they had to "clean" it up and say it was a woman who sent it.

Ava is back with a vengance. Loved seeing her slink around today (baby bump and all). As for Spencer, I cannot honestly remember a character who has annoyed me this much in a VERY long time. He needs to recieve a long hard spanking from Daddy Nic and be sent off to boarding school. Also loved Brad and Britt. Come to think of it Brad could use a long hard spanking from Nic also.

Agreed, R40. Ava is back to being a formidable presence. it's about damn time. I would love to see her take over PC from that mumbling Munchkin. Rhoda Penmark 2.0 is just as bad as Spencer. If Cartooni was a more honest writer he would have Josslyn kill Franco and go with a BAD SEED storyline. At least it would be entertaining. Paevey looked freaking beautiful in his scenes with Stafford the other day. And miracle of miracles, Easton and Stafford showed real chemistry today.

R41 yep, "Silas" had far more fun, relaxed chemistry with "Nina" than he's ever had with dreary "Sam".

"Michael" is in deep freeze - I wonder why Chad Duell sticks around? They're obviously bored writing for his character.

Looking forward to a Nina/Nathan/Britt/Leisl famiky reunion

What if. just what if. Fluke is Faith Roscoe. Think about the possibilities of Faith Roscoe versus Ave versus Nina?

It will be a brief cameo by Trevor St. John.

Ava a formidable presence again? Maura West still brings 125% to the role but as it is currently written and plotted there is almost nothing she can do to save her role. That AVA/AJ?Connie/Sonny subplot became such a twisted Gordian Knot that Cartooni(who is an inferior plotter,head writer,etc so on) cannot entangle Ava out of that mess. Unless GH changes head writers.

Most hausfraus think Ava is a cunt and Shorty is the noble mobster. As crazy as that sounds to many here, the frau contingent love Shorty to death. I wonder if any of them thought that AJ deserved what he got.)

La Stafford and Ostrich Man looked terrible together. He looked like he wanted to be elsewhere whereas she has been engaged in the scenes she's been in. ME is almost as bad as MB but he is considered one of the greats on the show. He belongs on the Sony/CBS/Bell snoozefest where his type of sleepwalking is much appreciated.

Odd happenings last night. Maurice Bernard had the premier of his movie. And GHFan Club big yearly event is also this weekend. Last night several of the GH cast went to MB's event - and apparently some fans as well. The GH fan club has low attendance. LW only had 24 people at hers. Only NLG and KM had a good crowd. So far anyway.

But why in the world did MB . I think his wife is one of the movie's producers. schedule it at the same time?

What happened to the plans for Levi to go after Felicia's Aztec treasure legacy?

This show has way too much going on.

R48 Should be happening soon as it's in this week's soap rags. Levi takes the jewel's Felicia gave to that reporter.

He'll be caught by Felicia trying to steal it and assault her leaving her for dead. She'll be comatose until after Maxie has married him and gotten pregnant. All of which will happen offscreen. Wouldn't want to bore the audience. Meanwhile, Spencer and Stumpy.

Amazing what a hair cut can do.

That's interesting, R47. Yesterday DeVry had a fan event, too. At the California Canteen French Bistro. NLG, Carnes and Kelly Sullivan were there. I wonder if it's usual to schedule these in blitzes?

Chubbette KMc had her event planned for last night but cancelled. Rumor has it it wasn't a big seller.

She and Vanessa Marcil went to Stumpy's movie premiere instead.

Easton once again got the loudest applause at the fan club weekend this year.

A ton of the actors are having events this weekend.

Laura Wright's was another one that wasn't a big seller. Apparently only 24 people went.

[r54] Kimberly is well known for cancelling on fan events well attended or not

Levi actor chopped off his hair and donated it to locks of love. What a difference.

Better but I still don't like him. He doesn't have the hotness of RP.

Anyone know I Alice does get Mickey's heart?

The guy Julian shot, I think. Might have the name wrong but he's the one who died and Tracy wants his heart for Alice.

Thw scenes on Friday between Maura West and Tony Geary crackled with electricity. They need to hook them up as co-conspirators. Ava is a much better villain than her brother Julian.

Saw a Sean Kanan flashback on "The Bold & The Beautiful" - he was fiiiiine as a young man,damn! Still sexy, if older.

Whoever cast him and the young Steve Burton as half-brothers AJ and Jason nailed it.

Hope Ned's back for a good while.

So who are Sam and Patrick going to find at "Crichton Cook", was it?

Sean Kaanan is a fat piece of lard. I don't blame RC for inserting those barbed bits of dialogue.

Any fool would have gotten to the gym and pushed away from the table when they landed the return gig of AJ. Instead he looked like he could have squashed tiny Becky Herbst in their love scene. He was equally as gross with Laura Wright and she is no small boned woman.

Once he was fired he never lost an ounce and now he looks like crap on B&B. Bell won't keep him long. He only keeps the core characters and everyone else is used just for arcs to advance story.

R64 Sean and Steve are bio related in real life. Cousins.

Michael logan has just reported that Meredith Baxter Birney is joining Y&R as Nikki's boozing friend Maureen.

Rumor is she will be playing Kelly and Stich's manipulative Mom.

Was Sean Kanan really a right-winger? What did he actually say?

He and his wife host a Right Wing radio show. Think of every noxious thing Right Wing Tea Baggers spout and you have it.

So Madmame Rona Cartooni(R65) does post at DL!

R68 Thanks for the non GH news. How apropos. Everyone here loves the Sony/CBS/Bell snooze fest. So Sony adds another washed up prime time actor. how lovely. That will sink that sleep inducing soap even further.

At least with Bland and The Boring being mentioned Sean Kanan was on GH and the CBS/Bell half hour snooze fest before. One could make an argument that he is better know for his B & B character than he is for AJ. Even still Madame Cartooni AKA R65 is wrong. He was one of the actors that gave a shit. he might have been slightly overweight but not every actor can look as frail and sickly as The Ostrich Man(Michael Easton).

Kanan is also from Butler, PA - Rick Santorum territory, also known as the stinking, prolapsed asshole of Pennsylvania.

So he's just repeating the shit he's been fed for 40+ years.

At least 50% of daytime's biggest stars are Rethugs or fundies. This is not news.

SK's offscreen politics do not interest me. What does interest me is that he's a great actor and a hot daddy who had one of the most pivotal legacy characters on GH, and Ron and Frank dumped him.

Josslyn has an oddly huge forehead. Maybe she is related to Scotty Baldwin.

She's related to Bessie Denker, I tell ya'! Little Spencer had better not win any penmanship awards.

Only an American would want someone not to be employed and keep up a living for not sharing their political views. Kanan is an actor - who the hell cares what his political views are?

Rumour has it that a scene has been filmed to be inserted in an upcominng episode a'la Michelle Stafford's first surprise appearence of Nina waking up in a hospital bed. The actor involved has been the source of rumours for months (like much like MS was before her unscheduled first appearence). The character is supposed to be Jason, but will the actor be Billy Miller or . someone else?

Lots of shit going down at DD.

R77 It's Datalounge, where the House UnLeftist Activities Committee/Committee In Defense Of The Revolution never rests, is happy to scourge, defame and blacklist one who doesn't conform.

Datalounge is to non-Hardcore/Limousine Leftists as Scientology is to gays.

r63, Geary and West always worked well together. Her first scene on GH was with him, and everyone buzzed about the spark between them. Instead, we have had to watch her tolerate MB in a story that is written for teenage mentality.

Patrick comes face-to-face with Robin tomorrow.

Sam sees someone in the clinic who reminds her of Jason.

We find out Thursday the identity of the person who forced Rafe to drive Patrick's car off the road.

Love Josslyn. She has a future of being a hellcat.

Can't stand Spencer, Emma or Cameron.

Sean Kanan may be heavier than most soap actors these days, but Thorston Kaye is certainly packing on the pounds as Ridge on B&B.

As far as ABC goes, Ron and Frank kept a very hefty Bob Woods on OTLL, while AMC kept a ever expanding Michael E. Knight on as Tad.

You think I'm Carlivati because I dared to criticize SK for looking like a tub of lard ?

Hardly. I'm an out and proud gay man who can not tolerate fatsos on my TV. I don't want to see SK and his inner tube gut trying to pull off romance.

He had ample time to get in shape. The same with KMc . She looks like holy hell. If you are going to let yourself go don't expect to play romance.

[quote] I'm an out and proud gay man who can not tolerate fatsos on my TV.

Fixing Miss R85's DVR to only play episodes of Mike and Molly, Dance Moms, and Roseanne.

Saw RP's movie debut over the weekend. 4 DEAD GIRLS:THE SOUL TAKER. He was in the first 10 or so minutes, had one line, got to bang the slut(no nudity, damn it!), and then was gone. I was so disappointed about not seeing at least an ass shot, and of course was hoping for a frontal or at least a little peek at some bush. Maybe there's an EATING OUT sequel in his future? Then both Ryan's could have full frontal exposure.

Am I the only one for whom DL's front page is not working today?

R91 Same here. Thought it was just me.

it works for me in Chrome but not in Safari on my iPad.

Front page is not working for me in Firefox. Luckily, the Thread Watcher still lists all the threads I'm following. Too keep up on new postings during the day, just reload your page -- not refresh, reload.

Today's episode was fun. I know a lot of people here don't like Spencer, but I enjoy him. In small doses. Amazingly enough, the only times Sonny and Franco are even remotely tolerable to me is when they play opposite Spencer.

Looking forward to Patrick confronting Robin tomorrow.

DL isn't working for me on IE. Yes, only the thread watcher is working. I thought it was just me too.

Anyway we can post to the main board just in case the WM isn't aware, although I'm sure he is? This isn't the first time DL has acted this way.

I posted to the WM about the DL not working problem. It shows on my Thread Watcher but maybe only on mine since I posted it and he can't see it.

It's weird seeing every thread on the front page having a gold star. I didn't realize what was happening at first.

r85 is an awful despicable human being.

[quote] Anyway we can post to the main board just in case the WM isn't aware, although I'm sure he is? This isn't the first time DL has acted this way.

I know you can't see them, but there are, like, forty fucking posts already with people saying "Is it broken?" So the WM knows.

R98, how did you get to the front page to see them? I'm not being snarky. I really want to know how to get to the front page?

R99 My DL works. I'm using Chrome. For me, on my Mac with Chrome, it works.

I think different browsers on different things don't work. It's not working on my iPhone (which uses Safari). I know people have said Firefox and IE (why on earth anyone would still use that I dunno) are also not bringing them up.

Thanks R100. I have IE, that explains it.

I think I caught a glimpse of Michael's stripper ex-girlfriend Abby in this week's episode of Ray Donovan on SHO.

You all will love this blast from the past from this weekend!

Pay close attention to that stud Dylan Cash!

Happy 68th birthday to Viki Sleestak!

Yes, the Permaseal Snatch is in R103's posters!

Please Ron - bring Annie back and TEAR OFF THE PERMASEAL!

Speaking of virginal Annie I saw picks of Susan Pratt at last week's FCW.

She looked gorgeous. Whatever she's doing she's looking fab.

DL faves Susan Pratt and Loanne Bishop

Nice to see Adam Grimes again. I watched the NIGHT SHIFT spinoff.

Susan Pratt looks great,very milfish.That's what marrying an "Italo-Italian" does to some women.Ms Bishop doesn't look as good though. However she looked cute on Mad Men but a bit weathered.

Robyn Bernard wound up with the face she deserves.

You joke about Dylan Cash, but right now, Ron is busy writing his big 2015 story - A Tale of Two Michaels. Watch for the big mystery to begin in January when DC's character shows up on the docks.

I thought you were talking about The Duel of The Two Michaels and their two giant dicks! That would be a fabulous sword fight to end all sword fights.

Who did Robyn Bernard play ? She looks hideous.

Robyn played Terry Brock, the country fried step-daughter of Bobbie Spencer. Her father was the wife beater DL Brock, who eventually was killed by Ginny Blake. Terry was involved with the O'Connor brothers (Patrick and Kevin). Kevin was boning mousy librarian Lucy before he went over a cliff.

Why do you say Robyn Bernard has the face she deserves?

Bernard (the sister of WINGS' Crystal Bernard) is some kind of rapid Christian fundie nutter.

OMG Susie, you look fantastic. I guess virginity has its advantages.

But Loanne, you obviously haven't taken your Mad Men money to use on facials, spa treatments and gym memberships.

But the most starting thing in those photos was Rick Moses. That beautiful Hutch reduced to a beard down to his belt. OMG.

And of course, I look as lovely and timeless as ever, even at 91.

GH should hire MEEEEEEEEEE!

Damn, White Castle always bites ya in the ass, doesn't it?

What's more shocking then how he looks but that he's now a priest. (!!)

Robyn Bernard looks like a mix between Tammy Faye Baker and Tammy Wynette and what if they became really puffy in the face!Robin Scorpio is already becoming the next Robyn Bernard.

Jack Axelrod(Victor Jerome) is still alive! He was old when he did GH.Tonya Walker looks good.Knowing Madame Rona Cartooni he'd bring her back as Alex from OLTL if ABC gets the rights back.

Rick Moses looks like something out of Duck Dynasty.

Walker should have been brought back as Olivia St. John at the beginning of the Jerome story.

Rebecca Staab looks great - why didn't they bring her back for a day or two as Rafe's grandmother Barrington when he was dying?

Kim McCullough is fat as hell!

She may be a clam but Michelle Stafford is great as Nina. Love the way she is always skulking around. Her scenes with Roger were good today.

That Ron and his trail of breadcrumbs. Nina recaps the season one finale of the clone saga Orphan Black. The Crichton-Clark clinic just happens to be named after the author of Jurassic Park and its cloned dinosaurs. The kidnapping of Val Ewing's twins turned her into a "clone" of herself.

I fear for what Victor did to Lulu's egg, and what fat Robin is up to in that lab.

Obviously, Victor had Rafe run Patrick off the road as a warning to Robin.

Those scenes today with the gay trio of PC were embarrassing to watch. Nothing at all funny about them. All extremely juvenile. The gay stereotypes were insulting. First the Golden Girls and now Knots Landing. Cute joke, but quickly became unfunny. The last thing I would want to do is watch Knots Landing before fucking a guy.

You can just imagine what TOONi and his husband do to get it up.

Oh no, not another Linda Lavin vs Polly Holiday threat!

Rebecca Staab gets to suck on William DeVry's cock every night.

(yes, I know they are "coupled" but I smell bearding.)

DeVry is the epitome of bi.

Yeah, watching Valene running around outside without her shoes on and Julie Harris doing the dishes gets me hot .

WdV doesn't ping for me at all.

R129 When did Nina mention "Orphan Black?" Missed that.

The Crichton nod was obvious -Crichton started writing science thrillers with "The Andromeda Strain"- but can't place Clark. Robin Cook would be more apropos.

Robin and Patrick have 0, Zeee-Ro chemistry. Terrible pairing.

Nina and Carly, that was fun.

Good to see Brandon Barash in those pics. Wish they'd kept him and ditched Dull Dante. If any couple didn't need a baby to further dullify(endull?) them, it was Lulu and Dante.

That "Knot's Landing" BS had to be a tip of the hat to Datalounge. Is it terrible that none of the three appeal to me the way Morgan does?

Nice aside from Britt re: Morgan's photo. Are "Britt" and "Morgan" still dating IRL?

Loanne looks a little chubby, but her face looks great.

I wouldn't have recognized a Susan Brown. Looks like a different person.

Knots Landing, the gays gateway from casual to carnal.

R131 I agree. The Lucas/Felix/Brad stuff is so very shallow. I wish RC and staff had the creativity to tap into something more like Six Feet Under's David and Keith dynamic of two totally different people, both gay, but both trying to negotiate the same world from different perspectives.

On the same note to r129/r139 It's time to lose the pop culture "breadcrumbs" nods and write a genuine story of their own from the heart. If you have to rely on relentless pop culture references to explain your story then you don't actually have a story.

Lucas is bulging under that towel! Damn!

Yes, the actors who play Britt and Morgan are still together in real life.

According to recaps they caused some backlash at last week's FCW. They had people waiting in line for autographs when they told the fans they'd be back in a couple minutes. Instead they jumped in their car and left leaving people waiting.

This went over like a lead balloon considering everyone else stayed and meet and greeted everyone in their own lines. The duo also showed up hours late for an joint event on the east coast a couple months back.

They aren't endearing themselves to fans. The shamelessly beg on Twitter to encourage fans to ask for their two characters to be paired. This despite being already in potential pairings.

Are viewers supposed to be surprised when they see Billy Miller as Jason?

Surprised that he's a decade younger than the last Jason? Or that anyone could have thought he was Howarth's twin? Yep.

The most surprising thing would be if Ron doesn't fuck it up.

R121 Actually Rick Moses was raised a Christian but became an Orthodox Jew quite some time ago.Would he look half way decent if he got a haircut and shaved that beard? Who knows but good to see "La Pratt" and "La Bishop" at the Fan Club Weekend. I hope Frank thinks about bringing soap icon La Pratt back.She's being talked about on the P & G thread as well for her work on Guiding Light.

I have to laugh any time FrankenRon mention budget and money as excuses for not featuring people or for gaps in story. How the eff do they have money problems yet money HOG Michael Easton is on every freakin day, not to mention new money hog hire Stafford?

But they do not have the money to give ANY vet a contract. Because I'm sure people like Zeman and Herring would demand so much more money than their pets are currently making. GMAFB.

r130, why would Rafe have to do what Victor wanted him do?

Rafe thought there might be some Faberge earrings in it for him.

You can add Kelly Monaco, Maurice Benard, etc.. to the over used pot.

IMO no one should ever be on more than 3 days a week. If they stuck to that adage then there would be time available to tell everyone's stories. It would correct the abysmal pacing problem.

The gay storyline, the Lucy/Scotty/Bobbie storyline, the Nik/Liz/Britta storyline,etc. would get more consistent play. There would also be time to do something with the Q's now that Ned's back.

It's not even the fact that they are "over-used" - it's the fact that we know these people are making the biggest money and are on ALL the time, so using the excuse that there is no money, say to give Zeman a contract, is laughable. As if she would demand such a high salary and guarantees. What they are really saying is those types of vets, like Genie Francis, are not worth it to them, because they have no trouble handing the same deals to Easton, Stafford, etc. And you can imagine Billy Miller didn't come cheap and he probably has as many guarantees as Stafford.

Thanks R151. I almost choked on my gum.

Nice to see Carmen Thomas after all these years, but when was she on GH? I just remember her as Hilary on AMC.

In high school Tad and Hilary were the shit with my class. (AMC was more popular than any soap at my school other than DAYS) Always hoped they'd bring her back. They should have when her long lost son with Tad appeared, but they didn't.

Michael E. Knight lobbied for her to appear during the Damon story, r155. ABC said no.

MEK did pop up in a voice cameo at the end of the online AMC. He was going to appear in Season 2 but alas it did not go on. It was the best the show had been since the 90s IMHO

[quote] What they are really saying is those types of vets, like Genie Francis, are not worth it to them, because they have no trouble handing the same deals to Easton, Stafford, etc. And you can imagine Billy Miller didn't come cheap and he probably has as many guarantees as Stafford.

Sad, but not news. They trotted bitches out during the 50th only for the nostalgia factor. Lynn Herring is fantastic, and she got to stay longer than perhaps might have originally happened b/c she supported the younger crew, but ABC is all about young viewers and young ad dollars.

To them. Lucy, Felicia and Laura are the same, and they only need one of them around. On recurring.

Dominic Zamprogna and Jason Thompson had an event together this past weekend and confirmed that the short, choppy scenes we have now are because the show is trying to reach a younger demographic and young people don't have the attention span to watch long scenes. Absolutely ridiculous.

The idea that they simply could not meet the needs of GF, but they consider the likes of grEaston a necessity on this show is abominable.

As much of a DL stereotype as it might be, some blame goes to the fraus, since they are a big chunk of the remaining audience.

The stretch-pant wearing mommy fraus all love Greaston and Stumpy, and apparently respond best to the same three people being played all the time.

Not defending it (that and the short scenes are killing what's left of the show) but I guess ABC does have to look at that shit when trying to sell the show, unfortunately.

I wonder if the actors have to film their scenes in short bursts or if their longer scenes are then edited down into ADD paced scenes? It makes any dramatic buildup next to impossible however it's done. I do remember KNOTS would often use very quick cuts back and forth with several characters at the end of many episodes to great effect, but that technique has so far eluded them at GH. Speaking of the fan events, my friend was surrounded by hotness: Thompson, Zamprogna, Easton, DeVry, Parise, Carnes, even dead Jimmy Deshler.

Short choppy scenes are the death of soaps these days. Up until companies like Disney started to micromanage soaps we has long beautiful, some as long as an entire 15 minute segment (which no longer exists on Daytime either anymore). The difference in the satisfaction between the long scenes that would build in days gone by and today is like the difference between having a dollar burger at McDonalds and a 5 course meal at a fine French restaurant.

I too wonder if the actors get to do long fulfilling scenes that are then edited or if they have to cut things off just as the emotions flow.

Zamprogna (Dante) & Thompson ( Drake Jr), now THAT would be a fresh, bold same-sex couple pairing!

Disney really is evil. Too bad they were allowed to buikd the global monopoly they have. American soaps aren't telenovelas. yet .

R161 Did you really just use hotness and Easton in the same sentence?

I think they film the scenes exactly how we see them on the show. They do those overdramatic soap reaction shots at the end of every scene, so I don't think they're just taking one long scene and editing into several short scenes.

An example of how ridiculous the way they tape came from Finola herself. She talked about how when they taped her reunion scenes with Robin at Wyndemere last year, they taped the cliffhanger scene where Anna was all teary eyed seeing Robin for the first time one day, then took a several day taping break and then finally came back to shooting the continuation of that cliffhanger. Finola said it was hard getting back to the emotions she had for the cliffhanger because of the long break. That's just silly to me - why not tape all of those scenes at once?! Especially with such important and emotional scenes.

He may not be your cup of tea but he is for a lot of people.

The Datalounge hall monitor cunt started a thread to "out" this as a soap thread. The title is a red flag. Threads named Ryan Carnes or Paevey seem to escape the insufferable assholes notice.

This thread will be deleted soon, do lets jump to another. Maybe "Crichton Clark"??

The Hall Montor's latest "outing" thread. Let's trolldar the fucker

[quote] He may not be your cup of tea but he is for a lot of people.

Are you that Gerard Depardieu woman?

I think you're probably right R165. How sad and how it must suck for the actors.

Up until the late 90s the hour soaps had 47 minutes of actual soap. Now it's less than 30. We really are watching commercials with a tiny little bit of soaps in between. It's kinda like buying Bounty paper towels. Now you get half the amount on a regular roll than we used to or the shrinking tuna cans, orange juice containers and ice cream cartons. We have all been conditioned into getting much less than we used to and to sit back, smile and not complain and still buy/watch the product.

Way back when there were FCC rules that an hour show could only have 6 minutes of commercials and a half hour show 3 minutes. When we watch something old like an episode of I Love Lucy we are seeing many minutes less of the show than originally aired. We have our politicians to thank for deregulating that too, just like the equal time rules for politics. All gone.

How do you troll-dar an OP? There is no troll-dar in the OP's post.

R171 from his replies, ih he dors. If you trolldar a reply from an OP, the original post will light up yellow.

"Crichton Clark" thread done. Just in case though, so please keep using this one as long as its here. We want as few threads as possible and also I really love the name of this thread.

Thanks R172. I'll give it a try.

R174. The Outer probably is one of the assholes replying in the narcing thread at link - one of them will probably 'yellow' the seed post, as R2 does at link

Damn, "Morgan" is handsome, hot as fuck, and dat ass! In jeans! Wanna squeeeeeze and jiggle. Dammmmmn, son

"Britt" is one lucky, lucky girl.

R164, Easton is hot to many females, which my friend is. Maybe they remember him fondly from his role on ALLY MCBEAL. He doesn't do much for me.

Carmen Thomas came as Susan Pratt's guest they're pals from AMC days.

I think Robin is trying to save Patrick's baby, who's not dead.

Brad must not be gay IRL. He pronounced Valene wrong when talking about her kids on knots.

Brian Craig is not hot. Between the 'Easton is handsome' and now this, I am beginning to wonder who posts in here.

When does Swiller Miller show up?

Supposedly the former Sony/CBS/Bell snooze fest actor shows up in September. Robin comes back again with Victor as well.

Lets hope McCullough lays off the carbs and hits the gym before then. there's no excuse for her to be looking like such a disgrace.

She makes me look thin in comparison!

Kim is beginning to make Sonya Eddy look thin.

Does anyone have a very current picture of what's her face who plays Robin? How fat did she get?

Who's playing Mickey D's sis? Between her facial work (as well as Thao's) and what's her name's wig, I'm really distracted.

Shit! What a hot scene when WDV grabbed NLG into that clinch. When he said, "You know you want me," I was screaming, "Yes! Yes!" (I know. MARY!)

Mary Mara IS Selma Diamond.

I wonder what Kim Mc's director career entails.

She must be shooting commercials for HoHos and Ding Dongs.

Thaao had facial work done ?! He should sue for such a bad job! The glasses at the very least hid his bags. He wore a very nice suit today which didn't camouflage the fact that he's pushing 70.

Poor Robin. No matter what she does she gets it wrong. She gets a new haircut she looks like she eating half of the craft services table! She still seems to read her lines off a teleprompter. What a blah job she's doing.

Selma Diamond is a pop culture nod to Selma Diamond of Night Court fame. I figure that Madame Rona finds her to be a drag queen version of both Jack Klugman and Walter Matthau.

why is Kaye Ballard playing Robin?

R67, Kanan and Burton are cousins, but not by blood.

Robin Christopher returns as Skye with her daughter in the fall as part of the Evil Luke story. Because everything on the show has to be a romantic quad she also dates Dr. Kevin and makes Lucy jealous. They are in the process of re-recasting the teens who will play Lucy's daughters.

R 196 Another clue that it's Alcazar.

I know who Selma Diamond is r192. Long before her Night Court stint she was one of the pioneer female TV comedy writers and said to be the inspiration for the character of Sally Rogers on the old 60s Dick Van Dyke show.

What I don't know is WTF that little piece of pop culture trivial has to do with GH or the bizarre plot point of Sonny underhandedly "acquiring" a heart to save the Quartermaine maid.

Seriously. RC claims there isn't the time or budget to pursue genuine stories for the vets but he wastes time and money on this self-indulgent BS?

Not much on GH is making sense right now. The storylines need to return to earth rather than being driven by juvenile writers high fiving each other over working in those coy little pop culture references.

R194, is that a real picture of Robin?

If Sean Kanan was too fat, why is Kimberly Mc. too fat for Ron and Frank?

Wait till you see my luscious moobs!

Molly and Silas had good chemistry today.

So was today's show good or are they still lacking Friday cliffhangers from all the interruptions? Any Lucas and/or Brad?

Ron is really listening to the audience. I see in this week's soap rags that there are spoilers about the Milo/Epiphany romance getting some screen time and Milo getting relationship advice from Stumpy and Felix. Just what everyone was dying to see.

Today's show was a disjointed mess r203. No Brad or Lucas. They finally did get around to the point of Levi only being after Felicia's Aztec jewels but I doubt anyone cares now if they ever did. Carly and Ava hissing at each other. Morgan whining to Sonny about how no one cares about him and Tanco bonding with his fellow loon Nina.

It feels like they're shuffling the deck but without any real story direction in mind. Everything is just kind of sputtering out rather than building to any sort of real story. I don't think it has anything to do with the interruptions. The stories are just weak. We get months of filler like the Levi crap until the audience is presented with some TA DA! plot point that happened off screen.

Robert Kelker Kelly is taping on Monday. With Lulu and Dante.

At least that's another hot man to look at, R207. Kelker-Kelly is some prime beef!

Why can RC not learn how to juggle different storylines? I understand there are some budgetary concerns, but for goodness sake, it is ridiculous. The Levi story should've been given more buildup instead of going from 0 to 60 in a couple of episodes. The last time there was a hint as to what he was up to was at the nurse's ball. How many months ago was that? Do modern audiences really relate to such choppy and(for me) uninvolving plots? It's pretty sad if that's the case. I remember back in GH's glory days when storylines were spaced out to the point where it was almost frustrating, but when the payoff came it was cathartic.

No buildup with Stavros popping out of his "frozen egg' at all? Typical Ron. It will be fun to see Victor C,Helena and Stavros battle over Port Charles.It will be a hoot to see Helena face off with Faux Luke.If anyone will catch on about a doppelganger in their midst it will be Empress Connie Ford.

[quote]It will be fun to see Victor C,Helena and Stavros battle over Port Charles.It will be a hoot to see Helena face off with Faux Luke.

Thanks R206. Not a big deal if I miss it. RC is such a hack.

I'm so fed up with just a dropper full of Brad/Lucas a month. I don't expect nothing but them and it wouldn't be so bad if the rest of the show even made sense. Well, I keep watching here and there just in case things get better. I watched my entire life, started watching with my dad when he was on strike and home during the day. He was hooked on soaps for the rest of his life. With a huge gap in his viewing until the VCR was invented.

Ron Carlivati buttfucks the remaining audience on a daily basis. And he's not a very talented top.

R210 No for others as well. For trolls such as yourself who inaccurately predicted that Thaao would never show up again. go away. You are positively sleep inducing. Back to that dunce corner you man so well. Oh it's the only thing you can do.

Quick cuts,character disappearances for weeks even months on end, shitty writing and the like are the order of the day Madame Rona will not change as long as the ratings stay in place.

Frank seems to be a very hands on/exacting producer. The actors love him. How he convinces these actors to say these horrid lines is beyond me. I wonder if Madame Rona has something on Frank.

Brad/Lucas/Felix will be airing some next week.

That Mister C sure is a loving, big hearted family man!

r213, every other post you make is a stealth gush wrapped in fake negativity, so long as you get to see the old characters you loved when you were still wearing Dungarees.

if you suck TPTB's collective dicks any harder while mumbling your half hearted criticisms you'll end up snapping your spine from the sheer cognitive dissonance.

I think it is beyond past "cute" with these Golden Girls references and does Ron really think that he will get us to believe that nelly Felix is a Blanche type by having him keep saying it.

Has any gay man here ever gotten off to the Golden Girls or Knot's Landing? Used it as foreplay?

I guess they do in P.C. r218 according to the world of Ron

Felix asks out of the running for Lucas

Looks like Duke will go up into the attic and not be seen again.

Certainly not, R218! But season 9 of DYNASTY is another matter entirely.

Next week, the triangle between Port Charles' gay trio heats up with Felix and Brad battling over whose CD Lucas should listen to: Barbra's or Cher's. Towel-clad Lucas, dripping wet from yet another shower, puffs his pecs out and looks on with butch-like disgust.

Shame that RC is turning Lucas and Brad into terrible cliches while Felix is a walking cliche.

[quote]If anyone will catch on about a doppelganger in their midst it will be Empress Connie Ford.

Ain't that a kick in the cunt! Thanks r209 for knowing I'd catch onto the Luke imposter. No doubt I would, with a dish towel on my shoulder and an apron on my waist. But I've been dead for 21 years.

The person you're referring to is Constance Towers.

But I do like the thought of being an Empress. If I had been, I would have made it a law that Iris had to stay the fuck out of Mac and Rachel's marriage.

R225 Thanks for that one. I wonder why I slipped and used Connie Ford instead? Yes the actress from AW. The P & G thread brought back memories of well written soaps,well acted and decent sets, The exact anti-thesis of the Madame Rona's Generic Hospital.

Is Port Chuck still LILYWHITE these days?

You would think a gay man would be able to write a decent story for gay characters. But this is the second time that Ron has managed to ruin a gay storyline.

Kish wasn't masterpiece theater or anything, but it was way better than this. Lucas/Brad/Felix is nothing but Ron trying to fit as many gay stereotypes and pop culture references into an episode as he can.

I think RC must check out DL and he sees all the GG and Knots threads he figures that's what we want to see. You would think a gay EP and HW would be able to do even a half way decent gay story instead of one cliché after another. But, as embarrassed as I am to admit it I'll still take it as opposed to no gay story and I did love Lucas in just a towel. How I wish they had brought Nate in as a gay man.

I'm surprised that BF isn't brought on.I loved here. Phil Morris was on soaps before he needs a job somewhere.There is a lack of diversity save a token black fat head nurse which "seems" to be the MO on Days and GH.

Nathan/James seems so damn gay. He has no chemistry with Maxie at all.Lucas and Nathan would have been a better pairing than 2 fugs and a hunk.

It's no wonder that a gay ex-producer and a gay head writer can't come up with a good gay storyline.They can't come up with a straight storyline that's good for starters!

R231 Is that mlop posting here

No R232 BUT you are that flop posting here.Once again the dunce corner is waiting for you.

Who is this MLOP who is referenced on DL? I've seen he/she/it mentioned in other, non-soap threads, too.

Mlop posts on Talkin Broadway and none of her posts make sense.

had Guza remained as head writer we'd be on the ninth story of Sonny being betrayed by a woman he opened himself up to.

"You betrayed ME! After Duke locked me inna closet! Get out of my house!"

Had Guza remained Head Writer, GH would have been cancelled.

I agree about the pop culture references and stereotypes R229. They've gotten way out of hand and not just for the Felix/Brad/Lucas storyline. It's like the writers have gotten so caught up trying to one up each other with the nods and winks that they completely lose sight of the stories they're supposed to be telling.

I suspect the Knot's Landing stuff was meant as a nod/wink to Donna Mills. Lisa LoCicero weeping over a sitcom where she played a bit part because "Sunny" was part of the title was stupid. I'd swear a lot of the Spencer schtick is ripped off from the old SNL skit The Continental. Ugly Betty, Jurrasic Park, Miscavaige's, the huge looming portrait of Ron himself. it's all just too much.

I don't think Ron has a clue why OLTL's Kyle and the unfortunately named Oliver Fish (hence Kish) pissed people off. He had the grains of a solid and compelling story there but he threw in so much garbage like another character pretending to be a lesbian to win an election, the big gay wedding and the town caricature right wingers up in arms that the actual story got lost in all the clutter.

He's making the same mistake with Felix, Brad and Lucas. It's like RC thinks he's writing a sitcom rather than a soap.

[quote] had Guza remained as head writer we'd be on the ninth story of Sonny being betrayed by a woman he opened himself up to

And the current reality is. not all that much different.

Connie and Olivia betrayed him or had issues with him, and Ava/Sonny is just Carly/Sonny with a twist.

[quote]It's like RC thinks he's writing a sitcom rather than a soap.

Exactly R239. But this is something RC has witnessed since OLTL 1998 when JFP/Disney took over. It started with Todd's story. It began in tragic seriousness. Todd had a long history of his father being mentally and physically abusive to him, that was shown on screen. Most viewers of Todd's early story suspected sexual abuse as well but it wasn't until one of Daytime's best writers Claire Labine began to do a deadly serious story of Todd being sexually abused was that looked into.

Well, along comes Disney and JFP in the second half of 1998 and suddenly this important story becomes, and I quote Pam Long, JFP's puppet (HW) "A light and funny summer entertainment." Yep, Disney and JFP wrote the story of a young boy and the devastated and violent man he became due to mental, physical AND SEXUAL abuse as comic relief. Some say Labine planed the DID (multiple personality) story also as deadly serious and JFP turned it into a joke and some say it was JFP all along and it was never meant as serious. That we may never know but we do know what was on screen and that was a joke, an offensive and cruel disgusting joke and the end of Todd Manning as a viable character.

Eventually Gary Tomlin became OLTL's EP (keep in mind RC was around and learning all this time) and Tomlin took things even further than JFP and literally turned OLTL into a cartoon and even had the terrible bad taste to start selling Todd the rapist dolls, complete with a scar that Todd got while trying to rape one of his victims for the second time. The doll was pulled off the market by ABC/Disney when there was too much protest about it.

Tomlin totally wrote the show as a sitcom.

By the time Frank V and Ron C took over this is what ABC soaps had become, sitcoms, they were no longer what soaps had always been known and loved for.

RC has continued the offensive writing of OLTL on GH. While yes, he should have mind of his own and at least a bit of talent it also might be this is what he is being told to do or this kind of crap writing is so ingrained into him that he truly can no long write a decent story. Character writing on soaps in general died in the late 90s and it's all been stupid plot writing since, some just worse than others.

Oh and OLTL did make this mistake before back in the 80s. They took the most powerful character on the show at that time, Marco Dane, and turned him into comic relief. It killed the character and he was shortly written out altogether, but it was basically only done to Marco. Unlike today the entire show was not written as sitcom and I don't think any other soaps were written that way at the time although Days had it's terrible moments not to mention Passions.

The last thing this thread needs is the input of a long-winded Rape Me, Roger.

R241 Was there ever an express disclosure that Todd was sexually abused?

I knew Peter Manning had been physically abusive but I hadn't heard the sexual part.

If I didn't know Christopher Schemering had passed away, I'd think you were him.

Keep sharing these insights, please!

Fake Luke is really Emma Lutz.

R232 You made that nonsensical post at 202. You think that Molly and Silas had chemistry? Molly would have more chemistry with a cardboard cutout next to her! Not only can't Easton act he doesn't even shit a shit anymore.

R242 Days was goofier. They had characters like Howie , Calliope and Eugene that were pure comic relief. Come to think of it Alex Marshall seemed to be somewhat comedic as well.

Anyone remember when they brought Gerald Anthony's Marco Dane over to GH and paired him with Jane ELliot's Tracy. I believe Marco and Luke were friends . or was it Marco and Bill Eckert?

Levi is the son of somebody big.

Levi and Maxie's wedding day turns deadly as Levi's true agenda is revealed and he pulls a gun on somebody.

Ric Lansing's return from the dead has been postponed until Tony Geary's return.

Get ready for Port Charles' most oddball romance: Milo and Ephipany.

Stavros returns in September. RKK is taping.

Olivia and Duke's romance was dropped at the last minute and rewritten to be Olivia and Ned. IB has nothing scheduled on the show is looking for outside gigs.

R228 RC is not the only one who doesn't seem to know how to write gay characters despite being gay just take a look at Jeff Davis and Ryan Murphy

[quote]Daytime's best writers Claire Labine began to do a deadly serious story of Todd being sexually abused was that looked into.

Please don't trot out this old as dirt fangurl mythology.

Claire Labine had no Todd Manning molestation story planned. That was cooked up by Pam Long. They intended to use DID to explain away Todd's violent crimes to Marty Saybrooke and possibly have him assault Tea's niece played by Erika Page.

Roger Howarth got wind of this and refused to do the story. It was hastily rewritten into the goofy fake DID caper. Then he quit.

Crazed Todd fans have been peddling this great Labine "Todd got diddled" arc story for over a decade. It is not true. Claire was only fulfilling the terms of her remaining contract with the network at OLTL after her GH spinoff did not go through. She was out the door lickety split when it expired.

[quote]Tomlin totally wrote the show as a sitcom.

R241 I know you know this because you said it in your post but Gary Tomlin was the EP of OLTL, not the head writer.

The lines get blurry sometimes depending on whose vision is the strongest but Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati seem to reinforce each other's worst tendencies.

Frank Valentini is a brilliant budget manager who could squeeze the buffalo of a nickel as my grandmother used to say but he really wants to be a director and his "louder, faster, funnier" directing style isn't a good match with Ron Carlivati's often mean spirited humor.

That's how two gay men can't seem to write a compelling gay storyline. They're trying too hard to be clever and their focus is way off.

The irony of all the ironies in this cluster fuck of a show is that both Valentini and Carlivati loved OLTL and still drove it into the ground. Remember how Brian Frons was the scapegoat for all things awful? They are now busy trying to turn GH into an OLTL redux.

I know how much of a control freak Valentini can be from personal experience. When Nelson Branco touted cancellation rumors well before it actually happened an actor took it very seriously and informed me. I then told another actor who panicked and called their agent who called Frank who in turn called me to scold me for talking to his actors [who were friends of mine] without talking to him first [as if he were so accessible]. Frank is a control freak and he doesn't care what happens in the real world. His show exists in his own personal little bubble. When Prospect Park wouldn't give him what he wanted, he remained with ABC getting his captain's chair, which is all he cares about. Valentini ruined Kyle and Oliver first and foremost, because, he said, Scott Evans wouldn't be professional completely discounting Brett and Nick who were ready willing and able. Carlivati is simply as profound as a saucer. He survives because he is a minion. Has NEVER had an original thought. Scott Sickles, breakdown writer, is a playwright and ten times the writer Ron is. For all intents and purposes, these two men have no investment in improving the genre.

Scott Sickles is talented as are a lot of their people, but he has gone into the meat grinder with the rest of Ron's writers. Last I checked he was doing scripts. His scripts have devolved into in-jokes and jabs at online audience as well. No heart, just bitch.

Maybe half their old team from OLTL is now at DOOL and you could tell it was them in their scripts a year ago when Eileen Davidson was in full force as Kristen, reading John Black for filth. The writing at DOOL is not genius but at least they're not bending over backwards to get the attn of twitter.

Please elaborate on Kyle and Oliver if you can, r255. Your remarks are vague but interesting. I know Frank lectured fans last week at the GH fan event for asking questions about Julian and Alexis when neither star attended (Nancy Lee Grahn refuses to work with the woman who runs that event). He also tried to browbeat Kin Shriner over the Christina story which is currently being reshuffled and recast.

[quote] I know Frank lectured fans last week at the GH fan event for asking questions about Julian and Alexis when neither star attended (Nancy Lee Grahn refuses to work with the woman who runs that event). He also tried to browbeat Kin Shriner over the Christina story which is currently being reshuffled and recast.

Detective Nathan West was bound and gagged in today's episode.

His arms never looked bigger, btw.

Now THAT's their Emmy show for next year!

The guy that plays Victor is a horrible actor. Just blah.

r260 He's actually quite a good actor. Was great on GH and Days for the past three decades.

The mustache twirling campy dialog he's been given isn't offering a lot for him to work with.

[quote] The guy that plays Victor is a horrible actor. Just blah.

The Thaao Penghlis troll will be losing her shit in 3. 2. 1.

Oh this is a soap thread? F&F.

Kim McCullough is a flicking Godzilla.

They are leading us to believe there will be a Felix, Brad and Lucas 3 way. Maybe this is the first 3 way written for daytime (or nighttime.)

I don't recall any 3 ways on daytime r266. Not too many in nighttime either at least not on network TV. Do you recall any particular shows?

r266 I really don't think they'll go that far on daytime. Probably Felix and Brad will decide it's not for them.

I think most of the show was meant as comic filler but even so I think a fair chunk of the audience won't take it that way and will be put off.

Since Ron is always whining about how he doesn't have enough for all his stories I wish he'd taken a pass on this one rather than wasting the better part of an episode clowning. I'm not looking forward to the silly Milo and Epiphany filler either.

There's room for some camp but the show seems nothing but camp these days.

The "gay story" is nothing but tone-deaf, dated pandering to the elder gays (Golden Girls, Knots Landing) and crass Benny Hill level 'oh my!' salaciousness.

Even though the staff is packed to the gills with gay men it honestly feels like it is written by str8 women who have never spent longer than an evening with a few queens. It's insulting.

I liked Franco and Felix in the locker room, especially when Franco told Felix that he would make some young guy pretty happy with his loofah skills.

At The New Lebanon Hotel, You See Old Lebanon And Smile Quietly

Sahar Mandour

Translated from the Arabic by Humphrey Davies, photography by Christophe Katrib

Forty-four stone steps lead one from the sidewalk to the door of the hotel. it is an ancient building consisting of a ground floor with a nightclub called Cuba Libre, a first floor with the New Lebanon Hotel, and a second floor that tells a tale whose end is destruction.

Its ceilings are seven meters high, and from it one looks directly onto a public highway that leads to Beirut’s glittering commercial center. From the outside the building looks forgotten, half-hidden, an odd man out in an explosion of renewal. The reason lies in the owners’ refusing to rehabilitate the place after the war, in hopes that their tenant would vacate the lot. Then they could build two or more modern apartment blocks that would bring in high rents and dollars in place of the meager sum in liras paid by Umar Dhuqan Nasr.

The relationship of the Nasr family with one of the floors of this building owned by the Hommosi family dates back to 1953. Dhuqan Nasr’s father came to Beirut from the village of Kafar Nabrakh in the Chouf Mountains. He came with his son, hoping to find the boy a reliable business, the proceeds from which he could use one day to build himself a house in the village. Back then he rented the hotel for the sum of twelve thousand Lebanese liras annually today, the rent has risen to 1.5 million liras ($1,666) per year.

Dhuqan opened the door, and rooms, of the New Lebanon Hotel. In a single room, a multitude would sleep: day laborers and students and whole families alongside them Lebanese, Syrians, and Egyptians. Everyone who knocked on the door found a welcome.

With the start of the civil war in 1975, Dhuqan, father to five boys and three girls, continued to run the dormitory hotel, finding a sense of security in its proximity to the house of the founder and head of the Kataeb Party, Pierre Gemayel. This protection did not last long, however, for Gemayel left the area, and his comrades from the same neighborhood left with him.

The party leadership replaced them with young men newly arrived at the critical battlefield of the capital. These incoming armed men weren’t neighbors, which meant that the hotel was exposed to theft and attack, to say nothing of the shelling — the huge building stands precisely halfway between a Muslim street and a Christian street. Thus Dhuqan Nasr, son of the mountains, found himself, quite literally, between two fires, against which his hotel was without defense. And so one dark night, during a bombardment, the family fled to the village, bringing only the clothes on their backs.

Elias Abu Hatim, on the other hand, who had been staying in the hotel since long before the war and who taught at a Beirut school, never abandoned his room. Everything in the hotel had been stolen — doors, beds, washbasins, faucets — and yet Abu Hatim would come back every night to sleep. When Umar Dhuqan returned at the end of the war, he found Elias, still in residence, waiting for him. Abu Hatim’s tenancy only ended when the Red Cross moved him, at an advanced age, to a nursing home. Umar recounts that the man was a brilliant mathematician, lived on what he made as a schoolteacher and from private lessons, and went his entire life without a partner. He never washed his clothes but would wear them and then throw them away, he had so much money and so little to spend it on.

The tenant on the third floor was Charles Helou, a name that Lebanon has not forgotten. Helou, president of the Lebanese Republic from September 23, 1964, to September 22, 1970, moved from his home above the New Lebanon Hotel to the presidential palace as soon as he was elected, and his brother, Antoine, took up residence, remaining the hotel’s neighbor until he contracted heart disease and the doctor told him that climbing forty-four steps every day might kill him.

The Helou family maintained their lease and allowed the hotel to use the rooms of their house. The roof tiles on the third story, however, suffered greatly during the war. The property owners obtained an order for its demolition and did indeed demolish it over the objections of the hotel, which the Nasr family went to court to keep in their name, despite its ruined state.

The civil war ended at the beginning of the 90s, and Umar Dhuqan made himself available full-time to assist his aged father in running “the business.” He renovated the hotel at his own expense, less to modernize the place than to preserve its character, despite the passage of time. He purchased wooden doors from outlying areas because of their ancient appearance and left the tiles on the floor, even though some had been smashed. They were, after all, “two-hundred-year-old tiles, and every day someone comes and offers to give me a lot of money and to re-tile the place, but I say no! It’s my home, and I want to keep it the way it is.”

It is indeed his home. He lives in it with his wife and two children. Yasmin is studying special education at the Jesuit University, and his son, Sallam, is pursuing his baccalaureate. They occupy three of the hotel’s twelve rooms (one of which is kept “on standby,” as Umar puts it, in case an old customer should turn up during a busy period — he says he never turns an old customer away, ever).

Umar has gone to great lengths to be able to choose the sort of customer he wants. He says that the cost of renovation forced him to house the same types of people his father had — workers, Syrian, Lebanese, and Egyptian, together in one room, robbing one another and brandishing knives and guns. However, once the renovation was finished, Umar started telling any worker who came to him that the hotel had become a private dormitory for students, to avoid unpleasantness.

A few months went by and excuse became fact, with the hotel giving university students a bed for one hundred dollars a month. Over time, Umar stopped renting beds, and now he rents only rooms, the rate varying from twenty to twenty-five dollars a night, depending on the guest’s financial situation. Today the hotel has become a destination for a type of person — Lebanese, Arab, or foreign — that Umar describes as “decent”: a bank employee, an aged millionaire, a Yemeni doctor, a French circus troupe, a businessmen from Aleppo.

The bank employee is twenty-eight years old. He has been living at the hotel for nine years. He came as a guest with his father then the father died and the son, who lacked any higher educational qualifications, stayed on. The bank’s owner took pity on him and gave him a job, and the Dhuqans took pity on him and shared their food and daily lives with him, till he became a part of the family. A few days ago he bought a car, Umar proudly announced to me during our conversation.

The millionaire was brought to the hotel by his lawyer five months ago to spend a couple of days while waiting to be transferred to elder care, and he has stayed there ever since. Umar says that the millionaire owns many properties and has no heir. He advised him jokingly to get married to some girl who had an eye on his money, and the millionaire replied, in sadness and dismay, “Why, Umar? Have I upset you? Do you want me to go?” Umar humored him at the time, but he doesn’t hide the fact that he prefers to have young people as guests, because the old “get you down.”

In any case, Umar prefers that his guests remain in their rooms. The main hall around which the hotel’s rooms are arranged is no longer a shared meeting space. He removed two television sets because of political quarrels that didn’t end well and went to the expense of putting a television in each room. This means that each room is now furnished with two beds, two couches, a fan, a carpet, a table, and a television. The furnishings of the rooms resemble those of nearly every Lebanese grandfather’s house, a place where one can recall memories too large to be held in its four walls, a place where one can find the kind of peace in which to sit at ease, surrendering oneself to a private past within a public space — a strange feeling that induces a smile of complicity.

On the threshold of the hotel, on the side facing away from the public highway, I found myself looking out over the details of a life spun within a narrow space, a life with its heroes living and dead — a pool without water, a garden consisting of no more than a loquat tree and a jasmine bush, an abandoned room made of tin sheeting obscured in the shade cast by the neighboring bars.

The New Lebanon is located between two streets that enjoyed some commercial renown in the 1990s. But Rue Monot is no longer the center of Beiruti nightlife, that title having been stolen from it by Rue Gemayze. And Tariq al-Wasat’s commercial sparkle has never quite returned after all the demonstrations and funerals that passed along its bounds, especially since the opposition’s tent-city sprung up there. The hotel thus sits between two streets that helped define the “new” Lebanon in the years following the civil war. And yet at the New Lebanon, you see old Lebanon and smile, lost in an easy oblivion of quiet dreams.

Season 6

Episode 104

Patrick Fisher (@pwkfisher)

It’s a hot summer in Springfield, and after getting a taste of the one day a year Poolmobile, Bart and Lisa successfully get a pool from Homer. Though, courtesy of Bart’s fall, he breaks his leg and spends the summer isolated. Thanks to a gift telescope from Lisa, he spots Flanders screaming and burying something in the backyard. Thinking he killed Maude, he sends Lisa into his home to investigate. Once getting caught though, they find out it was just a plant he killed while Maude was away.

Favourite Quote: "Let us celebrate our new arrangement with the adding of chocolate to milk."

Episode 105

Tony Kozuch (@tonykoz)

As evident from the title, this is a Lisa episode — and that's a great thing. We don't get too many Lisa-centric episodes, and this is a good one.

In a nutshell, Lisa takes pride in being the top brain at Springfield Elementary. When a new girl comes to town and is seemingly better than Lisa at everything, the middle-Simpson isn't quite sure how to cope. In the end, that status-quo is restored, but there are some good bits along the way. Lisa having a hard time even bounch a ball is a high-point.

Episode 106

Another Simpsons Clip Show

Tony Kozuch (@tonykoz)

The clip shows can be hit or miss in the days of DVD and on-demand, but back in the day, and episode like this would give you a nice trip down memory lane.

In the episode, Marge laments over the current lull in her marriage. Homer reminds her, through a series of clips, that their relationship is strong. Unfortunately, he only reinforces how tumultuous things have been.

All in all, a good episode to relive some classic moments, with a nice little wrapper setting them up.

Episode 107

Easily in the top 10 episodes from the first 10 seasons, this is the single most quoted Simpsons episode of all time*. The family takes a road trip to the Disney-esque Itchy & Scratchy Land where things are not as happy as they seem. There are too many classic quotes from this episode to list them all, but remember to stock up and your Bort license plates and remind Marge’s older, balder, fatter son that we’re parked in the Itchy lot, where nothing can possi-bleye go wrong, and let us never speak of the shortcut again.

Episode 108

Mayor Quimby is under fire from Springfield’s powerful Republicans (notable members include an Austrian movie star, an AM radio conservative pundit, and a green Nosferatu). Somehow, Homer doesn’t remember Krusty’s former sidekick who married Selma and was imprisoned for trying to kill Bart. Bob claims to be reformed, runs against Quimby in the mayoral race and wins. Lisa suspects something is amiss and uncovers a Chicago-voter-style scheme used to get Bob elected and exposes him just before the Simpsons’ home is demolished to make way for the Matlock Expressway. Sideshow Bob goes back to prison and all is right Springfield again.

Episode 109

Eric Metelka (@eric3000)

I'd like to focus on perhaps my favorite Treehouse segment of all time — "Time and Punishment". We hear Grandpa Simpson's astute advice to Homer on his wedding night: "If you ever travel back in time, don't step on anything. Because even the slightest change can alter the future in ways you can't imagine." When Homer does travel to the past thanks to a hacked toaster and changes his present (and the laws of physics), "Eh, close enough" is his answer when he can't find his way home. I think most of us would agree with that.

Episode 110

Eric Metelka (@eric3000)

Bart's crush on Reverend Lovejoy's daughter, Jessica, teaches us two lessons: 1. People aren't always who you think they are. The perfect reverend's daughter turns out to be far worse than Bart is. 2. Guys will do anything to win the favor of a pretty girl. Not the best episode of the stellar Season 6, but upon re-watching reminds us that The Simpsons at its best is a grounded family drama complete with allegories. The cut-aways, literal humor (Sarah plain and tall), physical comedy, and pop culture references ("Silence of the Lambs") are what make The Simpsons special.

Episode 111

Scott Gower (@scottmgower)

"Competitive violence! That's why you're here!"

A failing grade in P.E. threatens to spoil Lisa's flawless academic record until she discovers her hidden talent as a hockey goalie. This venture turns up the volume on the sibling rivalry between Bart and Lisa, as they are forced to go against each other in a matchup the entire town of Springfield is excited to see.

"The winner will be showered with praise. The loser will be taunted and booed until my throat is sore." - Homer J. Simpson

Episode 112

Scott Gower (@scottmgower)

"Ay, ay, ay! Es Homer Simpson. Me ha molestado! Oh!"

A candy-grabbing misunderstanding lands Homer with sexual harassment accusations from babysitter Ashley Grant. While Homer keeps making things worse for himself, an unexpected ally comes in the form of the peeping Groundskeeper Willie, whose video evidence frees Homer from the accusations.

Ashley: Hmm. Homer, I thought you were an animal, but your daughter said you were a decent man. I guess she was right.

Episode 113

Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy

Shyam Sabhaya

Plot: Homer and Marge are lacking intimacy in their marriage. Grampa Simpson comes to the rescue with an old family remedy. After seeing the success of the remedy, Homer and Grampa start selling the remedy to others in Springfield. Realizing Grampa never supported him, Homer fights with Grampa, who calls Homer an accident, leading to the end of their Simpson and Son business. Later, Homer and Grampa hug it out, calling themselves screw ups.

Highlights: The children’s theory on their parents’ early bedtime. Al Gore. Remember, "if it is in a book, then it has to be real".

Episode 114

Shyam Sabhaya

Plot: After being kicked out of Moe’s, Homer looks for another bar. Mistaken for a pilot, Homer causes an accident, leading to unlimited tickets for the Simpsons as the airline company covers it up. While the plane is preparing to takeoff, Marge freaks out, exposing her fear of flying. Seeing a therapist, Marge learns her fear stems from learning her father was a flight stewardess and not a pilot.

Highlights: Never unscrew the top of a shaker as a prank. If your name is Guyin Cognito, run. Always repress your emotions. And remember, fix the roof and then bake.

Episode 115

Chris Plante (@plante)

Homer the Great is best known for its Emmy nominated song, "We Do," a rousing drinking anthem belted by the Stonecutters, Springfield’s Freemason-like fraternity. The episode is itself like "We Do," crammed with jokes, references and backstory. In 20-some minutes, Homer goes from outsider to insider to leader to outsider again of the mysterious organization. In the end, Homer learns he’s part of the best exclusive club: the family, of course. Homer the Great and Maggie Makes Three, the following episode, are debatably the perfect Simpsons pairing: The former is one of the show’s funniest episodes, the latter one of its most sentimental.

Episode 116

Chris Plante (@plante)

In the words of episode 293 guest stars The Rolling Stones, "You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well you might find you get what you need." In this flashback episode about Maggie’s first word, we learn a debt-free Homer quit his day job to work at the local bowling alley. Shortly after, Maggie is born. Unable to support a third child, Homer must return to the plant, hat in hand. The arc is simple, relatable and uplifting: a father must compromise his own happiness for his family, only to discover the work is worth it. "Do it for her."

Episode 117

Jere Pilapil (@JerePila)

Predictably, this is a great episode from a great Simpsons season. More predictable (but distressing)? All of the political satire is still sharp. From the start, where military pilots bicker about funding healthcare over military, to the end, where Congressional greed prevents Springfield from being saved from the titular comet, all of the satire is as relevant as ever.

And now a list of people Homer considered more useful to the post-apocalyptic Springfield than Ned Flanders: Sideshow Mel, Barney, Helen Lovejoy, Dr. Nick Riviera, The Sea Captain, Nelson, Jimbo, Kearney, nameless extras, Waldo on an ill-timed travel schedule.

Episode 118

Jere Pilapil (@JerePila)

I think the most enduring gag from "Homie the Clown" (an episode full of great gags) is Homer with a pickaxe popping "speed holes " into his car after a mob henchman shoots a car he’s attempting to get for free by impersonating Krusty… You know what? So much happens in these episodes that whole summary only two-thirds of the episode! It’s a feat of terrific writing that the writers were able to convey a clear story with so many jokes while also finding time to give the world, "These are speed holes. They make the car go faster."

Episode 119

Karim Mourad (@ratmfoo)

Bart calls Aussie land
Raises hell and must go there
Moons the citizens

Episode 120

Karim Mourad (@ratmfoo)

Homer loses money
Borrows from Patty and Selma
Saves them from trouble

Episode 121

Steve Black Jr. (@draggingalake)

In this episode, Springfield decided to host a Film Festival. "Famed" critic, Jay Sherman, was the guest start in this episode. This episode was really a cross between The Simpson and The Critic. The Critic was a short-lived animated series started by Al Jean. The films shown ranged from Apu's "Bright Lights, Beef Jerky" to Bart's "The Eternal Struggle" and Homer's favorite Hans Moleman's, "Man Getting Hit by Football". The best highlight of this episode was easily Señor Spielbergo who directed Burn's film.

Episode 122

Steve Black Jr. (@draggingalake)

Lisa's Wedding is the first of four episodes (currently) that take place in the future. The episode eases in with some jokes at a renaissance fair. Lisa meeting a fortune teller who tells her of her future of love. Lisa, who is 23 now, falls in love with a British character, Hugh Parkfield. Hugh asks Lisa to marry him while in England, and they fly back so Hugh can finally meet the rest of the Simpsons. Lisa discovers that Hugh cannot stand her family and ultimately the relationship ends on Lisa choosing her dysfunctional family over her love.

Episode 123

Two Dozen And One Greyhounds

Jeff H. (@jeffunscripted)

One of my favorite episodes. After Santa's Little Helper get a race dog pregnant, the Simpsons have a ton of puppies, which Mr. Burns steals in an attempt to make a Greyhound tuxedo treating us to a musical rendition of "See My Vest" (ala Be Our Guest). After the puppies begin to stand, reminding him of Rory Calhoun, Mr. Burns decides not to kill them, and instead they win millions in dog racing. Seriously, this one is a classic with great jokes in it.

Episode 124

Patrick Fisher (@pwkfisher)

This episode is great just because it breaks a lot of moulds for characters - watching Bart have to behave because his mom is the teacher, watching Lisa struggle in a world without school to excel at, and watching Skinner fight with someone other than Bart. It’s an episode packs with random jokes and laughter (Anita Bath, the debate about taxes, chaos at the bank, etc), and is one of my favourite episodes of the series.

Favourite Quote: "Oh come on now Edna we all know these children have no future! …. prove me wrong, children! Prove me wrong!"

Episode 125

Joey Daniewicz (@noisecritic)

Converging twin Bart/Lisa plots remains my favorite Simpsons format, and, like standard-bearer "Lisa’s Substitute," the A-plot is sentimental while the B-plot is ferociously quote-worthy. Lisa adds Bleeding Gums to Bergstrom on her list of heroes to whom she’s said goodbye. After his pep talk, punctuated by "nobody ever suspects the butterfly," fails, Bart denies himself a Steve Allen Pog and uses his Hutz-derived legal winnings to help Lisa find peace, but it takes divine intervention to bring Murphy’s music to Springfield. It’s a solid foundation for those arguing for Lisa Simpson as television’s greatest character.

Episode 126

The Springfield Connection

Joey Daniewicz (@noisecritic)

In which Marge foils a counterfeit jeans ring operating out of her car-hole. Though it reaches the high bar for humor that classic Simpsons episodes set, the narrative arc here is actually as shoddy as those jeans. The setup, Marge seeking adrenaline (after an unexpected triumph over hoodlums giving three-card monte a bad name) and becoming a cop, is solid. I enjoy Herman and that his scheme laughed at its own absurdity, but the sequence failed to convince me that Homer should be absolved of his disrespect for his wife in uniform just as Marge’s sudden retirement due to "corruption" could use the depth of Lisa’s questions about the prison industrial complex. Relative to its era, this episode is certainly substandard.

Episode 127

Lucas Choate (@lchoate)

Based in part on the mythical military strategy, the Trojan Horse, Bart and company have to retrieve Springfield’s lemon tree from the kids in Shelbyville who’ve stolen it and are hiding it in the "impenetrable fortress of suburbia", an impound lot. Bart is in perfect form he’s insolent, optimistic and honest about who he is. Homer is great and "stupider like a fox" too.

Most Simpsons fans will agree, Lemon of Troy is easily a top ten episode, maybe even in the top five. I'd call Lemon of Troy a favorite episode myself.

Episode 128

Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)

Lucas Choate (@lchoate)

Mr. Burns, you insufferable shit. We all shot you. You deserved it. You've gone beyond the pale this time. While we've cowed to your demands and suffered your indignities in the past, no more. You, sir are a coward and a scoundrel.

The Son of the Return of Commercials You're Currently Hating

I know this is supposed to be a commercial with a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE, but there's just something about it which really irritates.

All the Spanglish commercials. This one is on all the time here in Los Angeles.

Some horrible ad for a car commercial on Hulu wherein there is a man drinking coffee, pulling a Kravitz, criticizing a neighbor's car in a gay voice. Or maybe it's supposed to be a woman's voice. Either way, I HATE IT.

R3, I saw that one the other day (well, heard it first and then looked up at the television) and thought it was going to feature a male couple.

Panera. I'd rather die of hunger than ever go there again. How does one identify her delivery. It's SANDWICH not SAMMICH. She's touting clean food as opposed to . dirty??

This fucking Entresto commercial with the excruciating singing.

Gawd yes, R1! Why does it have to be the weaved up great big fat black girl who "forgot" and put the killer pb in the brownies? And that "good" white skinny girl with her righteous indignation!

[quote]She's touting clean food as opposed to . dirty??

And "real." The fahk? As opposed to Breatharian take-out cuisine?

Has anyone mentioned the sprint commercial with the mousy white girl who dances excitedly when told about some service she's going to get, and then dances even more excitedly when told about the obviously amazing service Sprint provides?

I know she's just an actress doing her job but it makes me want to strangle her all the same, particularly when she "pushes the button" at the end. SHE MUST DIE.

I hate "son of" posters even more than the "presenting" queen.

Maybe it's only in certain markets but there is an IKEA ad where a family, including a hideous wife with a godawful flat screechy voice, takes photos of the food on their dinner table to post online. With lines like "Did you retweet the gravy?" and "Your pot roast is blowing up on the internet, honey." I. Want. To. Kill. Them. All.

It's the same ad with the very cutesy females eating fortune cookies for dessert as they say "Happy Anniversary". Which you would never guess because they look like two actors who just met in the lobby. Is this going to be the new trend? Gays as sexless teddy bears to sell products?

Any commericial where someone is singing "Should I Stay or Should I Go"

The one linked below. Shaq looks extremely bizarre and shiny in this one.

The add for Skyla contraceptive with the rocker chick desperately trying to look cool and musical. She only has time for one baby now, her guitar.

Any Liberty Mutual commercial.

There's a new Boeing commercial. While not obnoxious, I keep wondering why the fuck Boeing is advertising to Joe Average America when they don't sell consumer products. And Joe Avg. America doesn't distinguish between Boeing or Airbus when booking a flight.

This one and any variation of it.

R13 I hate the inclusion of the hot chick next to bloated Shaq - why is she there? Is that his wife? Is that powder supposed to make men irresistible? Oh please.

My current hated ad is the one with Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard and their high tech refrigerator. He's shopping and she can't stop what she's doing to check the fridge for eggs. Damn spoiled celebrities.

R1, R5, R6, and R7, I love each and every one of you, and echo your sentiments 100-fold! (not sure how much national play the peanut-allergy commercial is getting? Surprised some black SJW-ish group hasn't jumped all over it being the BLACK GIRL's "fault".

Well, now, R16, I have to disagree with you re that one they're both ADORABLE!

Red Fortera ("My Man Takes Red").

Though I kind of love it for all the wrong reasons.

And from the man's point of view. Creepy!

R14 I've only seen Boeing ads in the DC market, and those ads are aimed directly at legislators and their staffs, who award HUGE defense contracts.

It always creeps me out when a couple pimps their real life relationship for fame and profit.

When that fugly Dax Sheperd is caught with an underage hooker, those high tech appliance ads will finally become entertaining.

Ohmygawd. The Red Fortera guy is an actor pal of mine. He's really gorgeous, but what did hey do to his hair? I can't wait to rib him about this spot. He's a very funny and sweet straight guy.

Love. It's what makes a Subaru a Suburu. And it's been running Forever! What love?? A hunk of metal loves you? The people on the assembly line love you? The company loves you if you buy a car?

I'm going straight to hell, but as I mentioned on the last, or one before that, thread about this topic, I HATE HATE HATE the fucking commercials with cancer kids and their bald heads, scarves. HATE. It's BATHETIC worse than pathetic. So the - recent? crop of Johnson & Johnson commercials praising nurses - showing a male nurse singing the "name game" does anyone under 50 REMEMBER that. ) song while giving a Cancer Kid her chemo - nauseating (pardon the pun chemo IS nauseating.)

Ask him if the director was going for creepy, r23!

I hate commercials where the kids are borderline retarded (the little boy taking a crap on a large vase in the toilet paper commercial) or the parents allow them to be troublesome brats (the Swiffer commercial with the two girls making a mess in the kitchen).

The panera girls voice is fucking awful. "strawberry. strawberry. strawberry"

Yoga aroma is a nicer way of saying "my pussy stinks"

Every Liberty Mutual commercial but especially the girl who says, "You named it Brad. You loved Brad."

I would break into a happy dance if that girl drove "Brad" off of a cliff, r29.

The two ads for Krylon spray paint - they show a family buying crap at a yard sale, making them pretty with the paint and then selling them right back to the guy who they bought them from. Instead of focusing on how nice the paint works, I feel like I'm watching a study in greed and how to take advantage of someone with issues.

Watch how the whole family grabs the bike as a unit, so they can do a cash grab from the obviously mentally challenged homeowner. Watch the father's face as he sells the bike back for $200 - he has such a look of superiority and "I just got over, loser!".

[quote]The panera girls voice is fucking awful. "strawberry. strawbe - rry. strawberry"

Ughhh she's terrible and both "clean" salad ads are the worst, one where a couple go out to a cabin and sit on the porch with their "clean" Panera take out salads on china plates, and the other with the girl jabbering on with her dancing fork with salad on it.

I can't stand the commercial with the guy revealing the car he drives to his Dad as if he's telling him he's Gay. It's creepy. "Have you ever tried it?" he asks. Oy!

I also hate those Liberty Mutual Insurance commercials. What makes them so annoying?

R34, me to. Maybe they do that on purpose?

I just saw Jon Bon Jovi for So disappointed in him. I hate the cancer kid commercials too, but the worst is that midget for St. Jude's. I also hate animal rescue ones.

The Time Warner commercial where the neighbors have invaded a home because they have discovered that it has good internet services. The house is up for sale so they are just roaming around getting into stuff. Particularly annoying is the fat bastard who motions the owners into their own home as if he owned it himself. He is sitting there on their couch slurping up potato chips and helping himself to their food. Considering how much work it is to keep a house nice while trying to sell it I keep hoping the owners run them all out with a shotgun.

R5, don't forget about the salad with strawberries, strawberries, strawberries.

That frickin Ameriprise commerical played ad nauseam on MSNBC with the song "I Lived" .. I had to switch to CNN to watch the Orlando coverage.. I just can't listen to that commercial anymore. Enough! I will be writing MSNBC not that it will do much but they need to know I left until it's gone.. I hope other s have had enough of it too.. Oh.. and we can lose the "I thought it was a Buick" commericals as well.. Ugh.

Ving Rhames shouting, "Arby's. We have the MEATS!"

Has anyone seen the commercial about the figurines in the bathroom and how they can never forget anything they've seen.? They've moved on from the suicidal bathroom figurine. It's really good I'm not a gun owner or I'd shoot my TV set when these come on.

The ad for the movie "Secret Life of Pets" - I'm grossed out at the part where the dogs are all sniffing each others butts. Retch!

[quote]I just saw Jon Bon Jovi for

I LOVE that spot, I think it's smart and funny and he sounds great!


Oy, that Ameriprise guitar commercial plays THOUSANDS of times a night on MSNBC! It's so annoying with it's fake folksiness I want to strangle it! ENOUGH! Don't they buy commercial time anywhere else?

The Time-Warner commercial with the 2 men posturing over their cable service. Then they have the nerve to infer their wives are yakking on too long.

The GE commercial with the singing troll and elf, or whatever they are.

The newest KFC ad with George Hamilton as the latest Colonel. He looks embalmed and very creepy, like a hologram of himself.

They must have proven somewhere that creepy mascots = increase in sales. Think KFC, Jack-In-The Box, Burger King and Six Flags. WTF?

This Canadian commercial has been driving me up the wall every time it comes on:

Liberty Mutual, their advertising agency, and ESPECIALLY the agency's copywriter could not care less you are annoyed by their spots.

You recalled them and associated them with Liberty Mutual. That's all an advertiser can hope for.

You may say, "But I would never buy Liberty Mutual car insurance because of those spots!"

Rest assured, many people are not annoyed by the commercials and WILL buy that brand of insurance.

I switched to esurance just because I want to fuck John Krasinski.

The subliminally, yet definitely, anti white commercials for Northwestern insurance.

The white couple are dirtying up their yard like complete loons, while the black couple watches them from across the street, in quiet disbelief & disdain.

That set up is no accident & it's pretty disgusting.

I wanna smother the guy with

R1 That commercial is hysterical. No one with such a severe food allergy would *ever* leave the house without their Epi-pen.

Allergy girl is two seconds from dropping dead, but she had the strength to run over to the mirror & confirm that she looks like she's covered in leeches. lol

I'm just waiting for someone to do a parody of that peanut allergy commercial. MadTV is supposed to return and while the old series might have done it, I'm not sure if in today's climate you could and not receive complaints.

"Were there peanuts in those double peanut butter cookies with peanut bits on top?"

The Son of the Return of IKEA Commercials I fucking hate. How can such a (relatively) cool store have such a bullshit ad campaign? The new one starts with babble about "Life is multi-tasking for a growing family" while a man smiles admiringly at his pregnant wife while other rugrats run around. Vomit! Breed, motherfuckers, breed. And then be sure to buy IKEA.

Oh but then they also include a gay couple or so I am assuming since the only sign is that two men are having a dull dinner party for another couple (male and female) and one is chubby with a beard and the conversation is quiet and tasteful. "Life is a kitchen with room for everybody". They might as well say "everybody. even homos and their disposable income." But I could be wrong since, just like the lesbian couple in the earlier ad, there isn't anything to suggest those two guys are anything but two actors who met in the lobby. They barely even acknowledge each other.

I'm glad I never see those awful "You can change" commercials for Time Warner anymore. Especially the one with the future serial killer scribbling on the wall or the one with the motivational speaker. Every time he yelled "You can change! And You!" it reminded me of Oprah and her car giveaway.

The new Volvo commercials with the old guy talking about his daughter getting married - he's a creepy old bearish looking guy- obviously gay- is her mother dead? Is the young guy next to him his gay lover?

Yes ^ is it the one where he looks fainty Middle Eastern and has one of those Millenial type beard and moustache combos? He is very emotional.

The Chevy commercial where everyone must answer only with emojis and then explain why. "Like, Word, Chevy". I want to punch her in the face.

Anerica's Best eyeglass commercials, with the talking owl. The "who" jokes are appropriate for first graders only.

The Milk Bone dog treats ads with the curly haired guy who is a little too enthusiastic about how much he loves his dog. The guy is too upbeat and smiley and it makes me nervous about what he gets up to with his canine companion.

I HATE the new Arby's commercials. Ving Rhames has a terrible voice.

R60, r61- -that Volvo commercial is part of an entire "story". The mom isn't dead, but she and hipster dad are separated. In another "episode", the family is silently driving from the wedding in mom's Volvo. She glances at dad in the rearview mirror, and pops a CD of "their" song into the player. Dad smiles and toys with his wedding band, which he has removed from his finger.

Will mom and hipster dad find true love again? Stay tuned!

There's a beyond-obnoxious commercial currently airing on the "retro" channels for a "security-grade" flashlight with a high-beam and a fucking "strobe" feature. Of course, the strobe is demonstrated, and all I have to say is God help you if you're epileptic. Or if you're asleep at 2am, which is usually when this shit airs.

What makes this ad so hateful is because it's obviously done to grab your attention by any means necessary, like when some channels suddenly blasted the volume during commercials.

OHmygod R^ the Entresto commercial with the old lady and her bassett hound warbling "Tooooooo-morrow Tooooo-morrow I luv ya tomorrooooow" in her off key voice.

ooops that was supposed to be r6

Today, I saw the Progressive commercial where Flo walks into the break room as the other agents are gathered around watching a guy chug milk. Before, at the end of the commercial, Flo says "Aren't you lactose intolerant?" and the guys replies, "Yeah, but this isn't lactose. It's milk." Well, Progressive must have gotten flak from the lactose intolerant groups because that last part is now cut out.

There is a commercial for Time Warner Cable high speed interenet, where some suburban comes home and all the neighbors have taken over the whole house so they can take advantage of their fast wifi. His frau wife thinks its totally fine. I would go nuts if someone even rang my bell after 5.

r68 The worst part is having to watch that saggy old freak singing in the shower. Ick.

I find that ad disturbingly homophobic.

Seems University of Phoenix got a lot of complaints about the "brain" ad -- they've changed it. The annoying singing is gone, and the library girl is no longer an obnoxious little snot when the security guard tells her the library is closing, she dutifully starts packing up her shit.

That Jon Hamm impersonator who does the Gain detergent & realtor commercials. Smarmy and bad dye job.

So many commercials with children where either the kids are borderline retarded (the toilet paper one where the kid is apparently taking a crap on a large vase) or the parents are (the one for Swifter - I think - where the two girls are "baking" in the kitchen while the parents just watch them make a huge mess).

I suppose it would be appropriate to call this one "Son of Karl's Room" - yup it's the same Febreeze script, set looks pretty darn identical, but this one uses the actors' actual voices. I think the cheezy overdub dialogue was the only entertaining factor about the original, hence this one annoys me even more.

I continue to HATE HATE HATE that fucking British CUNT in the Cottonelle commercials. Beyond obnoxious.

Oh well, at least the new Karl is cute. The original Karl was Australian and badly dubbed for the US market.

This one's in the spirit of the "retarded commercial kids", but I find it more darkly humorous than annoying: it's a Clorox kitchen cleaner ad mom walks in to find senile old grandma entertaining the kids with a puppet show of raw chicken carcasses.

[quote]"Tooooooo-morrow Tooooo-morrow I luv ya tomorrooooow"

"Lick Mommy's feet. Get 'em All wet. mommy's watching Annie!"

This one drives me insane. First the voice is freakin' annoying (shades of Panera ?), but worse they took a 30 sec. spot and chopped it down to 15, which messes up the lyrics rhyme pattern.

This cowboy and his polished catheters

The CNN commercial playing incessantly about the "CNN Style" website where the woman says, slowly and distinctly. "CNN Style. Your destination for ****AAAAAWWWLL****. that is. (giant pause)************CHEEEEEEEKK***********."

If I hear this troll slowly and deliberately say, "Awwwwlllll that is . CHEEEEEK," one more time, I will scream. She emphasizes "chic" so much, it's the only word in the advertisement you hear. And they play it endlessly.

Sorry, she's not saying, "CHEEEEK," it's "SHEEEEEK," for the sake of accuracy.

The Ace Hardware commercials where they sing lame lyrics tacked on to the jingle

The Arco "top tier gasoline" campaign, with mental patients having episodes in front of gas pumps:

The Toyota commercial with the girlfriend who corrects her boyfriend:

"You mean, 'couldn't care less'. 'Could care less' means you still care".

The insipid commercial for Amazon Echo, where Alec Baldwin makes a fool of himself. And I hope that Missy Elliott will consider changing her look - she seems to be stuck in the 90's with the stupid hat, sneakers and horrible makeup.

There's one I notice when I watch episodes on my computer. It's from Google Music Play, and it features the worst song that was ever written in the entire history of whatever you call the stuff that replaced music. I couldn't find it on YT.

That missy elliot and alec baldwin commercial. I can't even remember wtf they are advertising, thats how dumb it is. And theres puppets. Why?

Those ads with Keegan-Michael Key and Rebel Wilson. Mostly because I can't stand Rebel Wilson.

Svengoolie, the Saturday night horror movie host on ME TV, did a perfect parody of the Grandma-and Ellie knee brace commercial.

Grandma and Ellie were vampires. I guess because it's a horror movie show.

(I only saw because I was channel surfing!)

A million times yes to R9. that spastic bitch annoys the living shit out of me. In fact, a few days ago when I saw that commercial, I thought to myself" Where is that DL thread about hating commercials? I'm sure someone mentioned that annoying idiot."

The latest 'I've fallen and I can't get up" Life Alert commercials. The daughter's cries of "Mom? MOM?! MOM. " get on my fucking nerves.

OMG, R99, you mean the daughter who DOESN'T CALL 911 BUT JUST SITS NEXT TO HER DYING MOTHER. That is FUCKED UP.

Is that the commercial where poor old mom is in the bathtub, and the asshole daughter just rubs her bare shoulders? WTF??

r101, this is the annoying ginger cunt.

The "I've fallen" woman in R102's commercial will NEVER be as good as the original old lady.

R48 I love Jack in the Box. Nothing creepy about a giant clown-headed mascot with a big package.

"Nobody told me my vag would dry up. "

I don't HATE this commercial, I'm just a little baffled by it. The very proud middle-aged white women standing still in odd poses as if to say "I'm so happy my pussy is moist" just weirds me out. Number 3, in particular, has a smug vagina.

I may have mentioned this upthread, but bears repeating: I hate hate HATE those beyond-obnoxious McDonalds "wrapper cheese" commercials. SO FUCKING ANNOYING. Good actors, especially the girl, but I just want to hurl them - and my TV - into the nearest grease fire.

The concept for this commercial for "ladyscapers" is funny the first few times, but the music gets aggravating after a while.

Theres these fast food commercials with two guys one would swear was a couple. I notice lately they talk about girlfriends. Bitch please. They were annoying before, now they're really insufferable.

The Sears commercial where the African American couple is at a Home Depot/Lowes Home Improvement store and the wife goes "Can anybody help us, help us, help us. "

I really hate the commercials where a family has been without internet service for a few minutes. I cannot sort out which of them I dislike the most.

Lol, R100. That idiot daughter always makes me think of that fool Fredo Corleone, pathetically screaming "Baba! Baba!" as Vito lies in the street bleeding amid the oranges.

The Tahine commercial with that fucking know-it-all brat babbling about varieties of corn. I keep hoping the mom will backhand her.

R109 I think you are talking about the Sonic commercials and it seems that when viewers start assuming that they might be a gay couple did commercials start coming out with them talking about their girlfriends.

The ad for Dole fruit cups, where one couple reacts with disgust/horror that the other people don't drain the liquid from their fruit cups and eat the fruit w/o the juice. They act like they're about to drink raw sewage instead of about 1/4 cup of sweetened liquid.

^Actually, the ad stresses that the fruit is packed in 100% juice, not sweetened liquid. But still.

Fracking for President. The nerve of these fuckers.

This life insurance commercial drives me crazy mainly because the older woman looks so much like SJP.

The obnoxious commercial they keep showing on CNN with a young girl and a gay boy that run a travel blog. She has the whiniest, most nasal voice known to man. She's saying, "The world is so DI-fferr-ENT!" He's saying, "You don't have to know how to do something before you just start. doing it." They take pictures of themselves walking down the street in LA and eat some fast food salad. I'm wondering, a travel blog where you never leave LA and actually travel somewhere?

It looks like a millennial commercial written by millennials, acted (incredibly badly) by millennials, directed by millennials, for millennials. Because anyone else who's seen this commercial a thousand times like I have on CNN (they sometimes run it several times concurrently), is plugging their ears to drown out her horrible, nasally whiny voice, or running out of the room screaming to try to drown it out. It's like nails on chalkboard.

Didn't anyone notice when they were filming it that Satan was acting in it? It's a recruitment drive for hell. People all over America are screaming, "Please God! I'll do ANYTHING, just make it stop!" Satan appears in their living room and says, "You rang?"

That nauseating H&M 'back to school' ad with the young kids dancing to some helium voiced hip-hop singer's abortion. First of all, it's gross when kids act like adults in commercials, much less ghetto twerking.

The ad for some cat litter where the woman enters her house and develops "stank face" from the fumes of cat urine. Her UGH! face is disturbing.

R121 I hate it and I bet Alanis Morissette does as well (stank face looks just like her).

The ad for some drug for "Defib" with Kevin Nealon, Arnold Palmer, and two other guys. We're supposed to believe they're buddies out for golf or whatever the hell they're doing. They all say the lines so badly, act out horribly scripted scenes (the "oh look we're so bad at golf"), and the jokes are flat, especially from Nealon.

The McBongo commercial where he asks his dogs what they want to eat. They want BBQ but they end getting sushi. It's kinda creepy IMO.

I pretty much hate all Maaco commercials. The last one I saw had the black guy repainting the car himself using a paint roller, as his wife comes onscreen saying, "I'll take care of this" in a disgusted tone.

This Suburu Forester commercial with the dad cleaning out the car and having memories of his daughter growing up. The song is SO FUCKING WHINY AND ANNOYING I WANT TO SMASH THE TV WHEN IT COMES ON. So sick of these whiny, coffee shop singers getting national commercials and subjecting us to their shitty music.

I don't remember what it's a commercial for but there are two young women friends calling something "awesome" but they sing it- really annoyingly. One sings it, then the other, and just when you think you are safe from any more ear bleeding, one sings it again.

I love the expression "coffee shop singers".

[quote]I don't remember what it's a commercial for but there are two young women friends calling something "awesome" but they sing it- really annoyingly. One sings it, then the other, and just when you think you are safe from any more ear bleeding, one sings it again.

Burger King. Some kind of 2 for $10 deal.

Kars4Kids--this song makes me want to mow those little fuckers down.

The Allstate commercial with Adam DeVine. I just want to punch that little jerk in the face every time I see it.

The spot is for some Hep C medication. A couple of shots of people running around doing what people do, then a build-up and reveal from behind of a woman with dark hair wearing some black lacy thing, and when she turns around it's like, "Hello, Crypt Keeper!" Jolts me every time I see it.

The Tru Moo commercial where the wife is sitting watching TV with the kids and as the father heads to the kitchen to get snacks for everyone, the wife says, "No junk food, please!" Meanwhile, the larder is stocked with nothing but junk other than the Tru Moo.

If you don't want your kids to eat junk food, why is your house full of it?

Top 10 Annoying TV Commercials

The Lysol Wipes commercial with the little girls playing pattycake. Mrs. Patsy Ramsey (formerly of Boulder, CO) needs to come back and garrotte those screeching little brat singers. And the one little girl has a brow that puts Frida Kahlo to shame

I don't mind the IKEA commercial, but the wife said "honey your rump roast just blew up the Internet" and the husband says "as it should".

R131 Adam Devine is about 1/4 of a chromosome above a Neanderthal mongoloid. I have no idea why anyone thinks he's funny. Or cute.

The Dole "oh look, they're drainers" spot. ugh. I'd have loved to see the "drainer" couple launch themselves across the picnic table & smack the other woman off her bench & right onto her smug ass. "Drain THIS, you CUNT!". lol

The Swiffer spot with the douche bro just-above millenial dad, saying "this daughter is a master chef & this daughter is a monster chef". If my siblings & I had ever made a mess like that in Mom's kitchen, she'd have drowned each of us in the dirty water mop bucket.

Two I currently hate (and they're related). The first is Julie Bowen's face cream commercial. In the voice over she's playing her cunty Claire character. The second is the laundry detergent one with Ty Burrell. Basically, he's playing his goofy, tired Phil. Can't wait for this show to end and for them to drift off into obscurity.

Watching the Olympics today, I finally saw the deadly brownie commercial mentioned upthread. It's as horrible as they say.

Here's one of Geico's latest. The guy proposing should call it off if his fiance is too stupid to hang up on a butt-dialed call. She hangs on way too long.

Not sure what product it's for, but I hate the Olympic "Thanks mom" commercial. What about all of the dads, especially single fathers, who do the same for their children?

The commercial with the Olympian who went to or is going to college. Her voiceover is absolutely grating as hell and the copy is just as bad: "Tell me I can't (blah blah blah) and I'll show you I can." Over and over, with that grating voice.

The whole whimsical whistling thing in commericals needs to come to an end.

Also, the back-to-school commercials with signing and dancing children are ridiculous.

I hate the boner pill commercials that begin with the voice over guy saying, "This just got interesting!"

So your wife stopped nagging you for all of five minutes and you just assume it's because she's desperate for a dicking. Of course a douchey straight guy assumes that if his hag smiles at him even slightly it means she"s ready for a visit to Pound Town. They can all fuck Themselves for all I care!

R138, agree. I don't think JUST the Claire character is cunty she is, of course, but from seeing Julie Bowen on the odd talk show and awards ceremony, she HERSELF seems like the cuntiest cunt who ever cunted. And I used to like Ty Burrell on the tv show also think he'd be good in drama, but he's gotten WAY over the top the past few seasons, and is now WAY-over exposed in two many idiotic commercials. I wonder sometimes if his character on MF is actually supposed be semi-retarded.

WIsh that show would be put out of its misery soon - but still gets good ratings (WHY. ). Other than Ed O'Neill, and the the girls, the rest of the cast sucks.

The Progressive 'after school special" retro ad is not funny, just weird.

All the Progressive commercials, R146. That Flo has worn out her welcome. She has millions of dollars from that bullshit job - she should take it and get out of our lives.

Chevy and the pretend focus groups.

When there is a saturation of those awful Progressive ads, I just think of them as heavy Flo days.

The Chevy commercial with the hedge clippers borrowing neighbor. I hate him AND the smug bastard who let him borrow the clippers in the first place.

That goddamn Major World commercial with the Naked Cowboy where he's strumming his guitar and "singing" his own version of their theme song. The lyrics and tempo are completely incompatible. Makes me want to rip off my ears.

First off let me tell you I know many wonderful black people and don't have any racist intent when I say, I get very annoyed at the way black people are posed and shoehorned into commercials nowadays. Yes. they are a major consumer and should be represented, but many times it appears the way they are often times skillfully put into a shot feels more like a PC check mark. Nothing is an accident, a lot of thought goes into how people are used. I can only imagine a director discussing things like "OK we show a long shot, you sort of see the person is black, emphasize the hands, cover the face with a prop and make sure to zoom back to the white couple in the next frame for 2 seconds. THEN we have the mixed guy with the girl- cover the face just enough so you are not sure if she's white of black, lets use the Hispanic model then back to a close up of an older white couple" etc etc. I know that companies need to be inclusive for both PC and economic reasons, but like I said, the way they go about it is sometimes cringe worthy for being so untypical of how the world really is. Yes, I know it's a commercial, but still, let's also stay out of the twilight zone as well. Someone from another country who sees nothing but American commercials could easily walk away thinking "What racial problems do they have in the US? It seems like white people always include at least one black person in their group for no matter what activity they are involved in."

R152 – I know EXACTLY what you mean! This same device is used in virtually every TV show these days, particularly sitcoms. In the sitcoms, the blacks are used just for their saucy, sassy one-liners.

One of the stupidest interracial commercials I've ever seen was a local one here in Seattle, I forget what product it was for, insurance perhaps? Forty-something rather wimpy white husband, with a plus-sized (sassy factor underscored) black wife who was a completely rabid Seahawks fan.

Could somebody please, PLEASE step on that fucking GEICO gecko and ground it into the ground until it's goo and green pieces? PLEASE?

(And hang 'Flo' the Progressive lady while you're at it. Sick of her too.)

If I see this commercial one more time, I will stick pencils in my eyes.

I can't stand the Adam Devine commercials. I think there's two- one where he gets his chest waxed and another where he visits his nephew at college and gives him a laptop. They might be the same one, I don't know. I hate his voice and his face.

Conversely, one commercial I saw yesterday that I did like was for McDonalds. There was a man singing Cyndi Lauper's 'Time After Time' and the screen was split in half- left side was a young boy in the early 80's or so, and the right was a girl in today's world. They were interacting with each other- the boy gave her a stuffed dog, a bike, a basketball, etc to make her happy, and it turned out he was he father as a kid. And the end they shared some nuggets. It was a sweet ad.

Chrissy Teigen and her haircare products ad. Ugh, she's so annoying. What is she famous for again?

r158 she married a highly likely gay man who sings.

I've noticed that lately black women in commercials usually have "natural" hair. No relaxers for these gals.

[quote]If I see this commercial one more time, I will stick pencils in my eyes.

r156 is posting from 1972 apparently.

The Charter Spectrum ad with the guy beatboxing, then three other people join in singing about spectrum. They're each in little Brady Bunch like squares that get big when the person is singing, then get smaller when they're not. The white girl has a creepy Joker like mouth and teeth that annoy me.

Most car commercials are dreadful, but good god, the latest batch from Honda with the acapella groups singing to people while they look at cars make me want to bomb a Honda factory.

There are so many commercials featuring Mexican families that you know are then re-recorded for Spanish television.

Okay, guys, I need help deciding if I should like the following commercial - or NOT. FOr those of you who are also watching the Olympics right now?, I saw, a little while ago (NBC affiliate), a commercial for Galaxy Note 7, starring Christof Waltz (. DOes he need $$. ). He dresses in drag at one point (!), plays a variety of parts the commercial is 60-90 minutes long. But I'm caught between liking it and hating it - help me decide!

Was the commercial at R78 actually reshot, or did they just digitally insert a new red-headed boy? Is the mother the same?

I was going to post that one, Mary at r166, but like you, I was not sure if I liked it or not.

He looked kind of cute in it even if it is a dumb commercial, so I think that saves it from being terrible in my eyes. I like that guy.

Those Volvo commercials with the dad writing things down in a journal. So pretentious.

I have no way of proving this, R169, but those obnoxious Volvo commercials with the old dude in the back seat positively scream "commercial made in Europe for European market." There are one or two moments in the commercials in which people speak English, and a very brief clip of an American street scene, but I'd bet these ads aired elsewhere first. It's like when you see someone walking down the street and just know they're not American. Does anybody know if that might be the case with these ads?

The Lexus commercial where the drivers are singing "Blue Skies" is only slightly less annoying than the one with the old people singing "Tomorrow" from Annie.

1-877-KARS-4KIDS. Not only is the commercial obnoxious with the kids unconvincingly playing in a faux rock band (including a girl in need glasses playing fiddle), but the organization is actually run by Hasidic Jews in upstate New York and the money gets siphoned into efforts to fund lawsuits to take over local Gentile school boards in order to lower taxes in their communities. I swear those people have horns under their hats.

The "keep calm your internet is on" adverts are so annoying. at least the father is cute & entertaining.

The one commercial that makes me reach for a barf bag and my remote control Mute button each and every time. is that AWFUL saccharine, sappy, insipid commercial for some heart medication that has all those old folks singing to the most saccharine, sappy, insipid song ever. "Tomorrow" from "Annie". I hate all the sickingly sweet setups but I ESPECIALLY hate the last old fart holding the baby as he badly warbles "It's only a day awaaaaaaay" as the baby obnoxiously coos on cue at the end. I can just hear the commercial director going "That's it. that's perfect. it's a wrap!"! VOMIT!

I know that one r176. They say something like "tomorrow might not come for people with heart failure"

I agree R164. I can't take those head bobbing acapella singing dolts. I think the extra crispy Colonel Sanders is kinda' hot.

So many to hate. Among those mentioned already, in the one where the wi-fi nuts take over the house for sale, wanna strangle the pop-eyed black chick who comes pounding downstairs and says, "Dad, you can get wi-fi all over this place!" To which hipster dad replies, "Cool!" Or the GE nerd commercials where his Dad challenges him to pick up a huge workman's hammer. The cheery old people who ride those staircase elevators at five-tenths mph. All the prescription cancer & antacid ads on MSNBC. Anything from Taco Bell. The Dump Cake lady.

Whatever happened to good old fashioned fabric softener commercials?

It's a high tech neti pot, with nasal plugs & a clear receptacle. They actually demonstrate it's use in the commercial: the woman sticks the plugs up her nostrils, blasts them with warm water, & this clear liquid (God, I hope it's water), fills up the receptacle while you watch. Yeah, it's supposed to be her snot.

If you're eating when this comes on, change the channel so you don't barf. You've been warned.

Repulsive & stomach churning.

The extra crispy Col Sanders is actor George Hamilton.

Do some Google image searches and fap away!

R173, the little girl in the ad says that if you donate your car, you will receive a "vacation voucher."

This "voucher" is in fact an invitation to listen to a time share sales pitch.

The real reason people even use their service is that it's cheaper than laying a junk company to tow it away, and you can write it off on your taxes. But still, to have to give ANYTHING to those Jews. Shudder.

"Nationwide is on your side". I hate every single one of these commercials.

Thank you r164!! I so agree.

The kids screeching "Marco" "Polo" at each other as Marco Polo gets his dick wet in the pool.

The off key whistling for some cereal. I guess it is supposed to sound kid like or something.

Katy Perry for her new Covergirl line of makeup called "Katy Kat". I guess that stuff is being marketed to teenagers, cause who else would wear those garish colors. But Katy, you are getting a bit old to still be doing baby voices and acting like she's stuck in a time warp where she's 16. Katy and Mariah seem to have the same psychological issue.

Tom Selleck, the latest right-wing piece of shit whose greed has him pitching reverse mortgages to seniors for AAG. I hope there's a special hot spot in hell saved for sick assholes like Fred Thompson and him.

Could I hijack this thread to point out a commercial I am LOVING? Guess it's been on a while for some reason, I am just noticing it lately: The Miss Dior commercial with Natalie Portman (who I normally can't stand) bride/flees in a helicopter Janis Joplin playing in the background: WONDERFUL! I fucking LOVE LOVE LOVE this commercials!

R187 : Everything about that thing-it-katy-perry-thing is fucking disgusting.

Those RESTASIS commercials for dry eyes. They call it a fucking disease, dry eyes are a condition not a disease. They talk about it with such concern, get a real fucking disease like cancer and then get back to me, dry eyes is not a disease.

Lots of complaints about Insurance Commercials here, but I have to wonder how many of you actually are supporting those companies with your premiums. There are insurance companies that do virtually no advertising, I have National General Insurance and I have never seen a TV commercial for them and I got lower premiums from them than any of those companies that advertise.

You do know you are paying for those commercials with your premiums don't you? Now I have never had a claim with them and hopefully never do so I can't say how good they are paying claims but they sure are saving me money on premiums. I am sure there are plenty of other companies that don't advertise, a google search can show you plenty of car insurance companies you can check out.

Stop supporting these companies and their stupid commercials.

[quote]Those RESTASIS commercials for dry eyes. They call it a fucking disease, dry eyes are a condition not a disease. They talk about it with such concern, get a real fucking disease like cancer and then get back to me, dry eyes is not a disease.

r191 just wait until dry eyes affects you or a loved one!

That damn Clearasil commercial with the mother Interrupting her son throughout different stages of his life, gasping and shrieking "Steven!"

R194 I actually crack up every time at the long version of that commercial. You do realize the joke is that she keeps catching him spanking his monkey, right?

ION channels have this SONOBELLO commercial in heavy rotation. I hate-watch it every time, just for the Latin woman with the very heavy accent, saying "gobble, gobble".

I don't necessarily hate commercials with kids in them, but I do when the kids are supposed to be little brats whom you're also supposed to be find cute. Case in point with two current commercials -- one for air freshener or something where the young girl and her brother are hiding a kitten from their mother (because they're not old enough to be responsible or something) and one for Clorox or another cleaner where the pre-teen girl is in the bathroom dying her hair purple ("we're going to be SO GOTH!")

Any of the bleach product commercials that take place in a bathroom or with bathroom-related subjects.

[quote] Any of the bleach product commercials that take place in a bathroom or with bathroom-related subjects.

There's one with two young boys where it's not so subtly implied they have long-distance pissing contests in the bathroom.

This one should send all the "but think of the children!" fraus into a frenzy.

Recently saw a cartoon commercial for Autism Speaks. Cartoon little kid talks about "I didn't like bright lights", "I didn't like looking people in the eye", blithering on about how miserable this all was.

Autism is wildly mis & over diagnosed in America. And this commercial proves it. You're not in need of medication nor medical intervention, just because you're "uncomfortable" looking adults in the eye when you're a little kid.

But the doc will tell Mummy you are, because Big Pharma told him to tell her that.

The creepy Blue Bunny is a stalker rodent. I don't want blue rabbit hair in my ice cream!

Dunkin Donuts commercials for their incredibly gross and unhealthy food which all end with the tagline, "America Runs on Dunkin!" How does that even make sense??

Pepto Bismol has an ad showing a country band on stage singing the tagline ". heartburn, upset stomach, diarrhea". The band members kind of pantomime the words as they sing - they all poke their butts out in a very gross way as they sing the diarrhea part.

They hunch over like they were having an attack of the liquid shits and they have to angle their butts out so they don't get anything on their shoes.

Not a commercial, per se, but a pitch for the Alzheimer's Foundation, with the voiceover done by (what else?) a female with a cutesy, baby voice. No authority. No sincerity. No urgency. Bugs the shit out of me.

The TRIVAGO guy still looks like he has a mouthful of black, rotten, reeking teeth. And that stupid music in the background. I also hate the 'Shave Club for Men' ad featuring a guy and a girl getting dressed after shtupping in a jetliner bathroom.

That 'doctor' in the Restasis commercial looks like a bug-eyed freak. She talks like a robot.

^^ I don't like that freaky eye doctor either, r209. Bad casting.

^^^ Speaking of dry eyes, what's up with the Jennifer Aniston commercials talking about suffering from the condition? "It's all about Eyelove"

Anniston is full of shit. The company is paying her to say that.

The digestive product advertised with the tagline that it "calms the angry gut".

I hate this one. "Mr. Wagner" and his. children. Poor guy looks like a stranger in his own house. They play it all the time. .

I don't necessarily dislike it, but the DENTAL PHOBIA commercial on MSNBC seems to run every few minutes. more than any other commercial.

[quote]The digestive product advertised with the tagline that it "calms the angry gut".

Just as bad - the Philips lady who shows up everywhere asking people if they have digestive problems.

Another Liberty mutual ad. They get more obnoxious with each new one.

The GE commercial with the ginger kid with his parents visiting some young attractive scientist woman who's working on a machine and he incorrectly repeats what she says and she keeps correcting him and he acts like an aspie.

What is that commercial all about? What are they trying to promote? Someone explain, please, if you can.

I am a very loyal Honda customer. Have driven one for years and cannot say enough good things about the vehicle. But God help them, they come out with the most stupid, annoying, pander-y television ads every year. There doesn't seem to be any substance or brand identity to any of them. They try to be funny and they are cringe-worthy. They try to be hip and they fall flat. They have a product line that has a very good reputation and they don't even 'go there'. If my decisions were based on their all-over-the-place-and-stupid ad campaigns, I'd NEVER consider setting foot in a Honda dealership. Meh. Please stop.

Chik Fil-A, aka 'Jesus Chicken', or 'cadaver meat' should retire the VERY tired, NOT-funny-anymore mischievous cows campaign. Can they NOT think up another campaign?? The fucking, tiresome cows have been at it for many, many years. Not that I care whether Chik-Fil-A succeeds in selling more of its awful crap.

Once again, the ceramic and wallpaper figures in the bathroom that see everything and forget nothing. Really, toilet paper company? That's going to sell tp?

Are those Amex commercials with Tina Fey supposed to be funny? They are anything but. She just comes across as smug and annoying.

I have seen 2, maybe 3, different car commercials that involve wrecks. Is this a new strategy? It seems unusual even to promote car safety.

That Boston Market commercial where the dad asks his little girl how her meal is and she says, "Fine, how's your chicken marsala," and "marsala" devolves into some horrible combination of vocal fry and child-who-needs-to-be-exorcised.

Those commercials about the dangers of not getting the HPV vaccination. I have a feeling that they are really expensive and they could just have priced them so more people could have access without being shamed into it with expensive advertising. I know that big pharma does love to advertise the fuck out of everything to keep media from reporting too much negative information about their disgusting pricing strategies.

I hate that back to school ad for Office Depot that has the smirking parents talking about how their kids' lives will be changing. I especially hate the "he'll be taking notes in espanooooooool. " mom.

I hate the voice and shitty attitude on "now she'll be binge studying" mom, too.

Really hating Dax and his Hollywood wife selling refrigerators and washing machines. No one wants your lives! You are both talentfree and ugly and your kid probably hates you. Go away!!

Getting mighty tired of those J.K. Butthole ads for Farmers Insurance.

Yoplait yogurt with the dad catching his daughter sneaking a midnight snack. I hate how the child tells her father "you're not in charge, Mom is". He gets an embarrassed look on his face that makes me feel bad for him - this kid has no respect for this man. I know. It's just a commercial but it devalues a parents authority.

R186 - I agree. The shrieking kids are annoying but I think that the guy who plays Marco Polo is terrific.

If you want to see laughably bad commercials, you need to tune into the ION & ION Life channels. Home of the cheap & cheesy.

Yeah, I like the baffled Marco Polo, too.

I see they've dug up the annoying Hewlett Packard "We're not good. we're total heroes" ad. That guy's nasally, smug voice gets me every time. He sounds like he's saying "We're total gyros", too.

Okay, the Volvo commercial and the "Sully" commercial have the same guy talking in the same measured tones. It's very confusing and a faux pas.

The Volvo commercial and the "Sully" movie commercial have the same man's voice speaking in the same measured tone. It's a faux pas.

New Credit Karma commercial with two women well into adulthood talking about using the service because it makes you feel like an adult. Fucking millennials and their fucking refusal to grow up. YOU ARE ADULTS, ASSHOLES!

The new FiOS ad with John McEnroe screaming "it's in. I can see it's in" referring to a cable in his tv. Shut the fuck up.

What's the commercials for the car dealer featuring two women who drive around in a van? Drive Time? Every one of their commercials have been bad.

The Dell commercial with that heinous chubby "glam rocker"

Addiction Treatment Center: Is that tricked-out looking kid supposed to look like a wise Jewish physician? Fail. Cheesy disguise.

The anti Apple ad where the twee man sings a twee song about a hat for your cat can die in a house fire.

Crap like this. Who is behind this little cascade of lies? Obviously it is meant to support Trump but you don't have any idea who did it and who paid for it.

Steve Amundson and his little group who produced 15 pamphlets in 3 years? I think not.

All the actors in those Alive vitamin commercials, along with the creative team behind them need to be lined up and shot

The Kia commercial about the emergency braking warning light that comes on to jar the daydreaming girl driver out of her fantasy about being on a TV talent show where she sings a song with the refrain: "'Cause I'm hollooooooooooow / yeah I'm holloooooooooow". Whoa. Annoying looking actor, and that song is a perfect, miserable reminder of how bad Hot 100 music is these days.

The Inifiniti Q60 car commercial with the actor from Game Of Thrones (I think)—it's all super slow motion, with portentous music that bugs the shit out of me.

The Flonase commercial that repeats the phrase, "and six is greater than one." Yeah, no shit.

"How does toilet paper clean your ass?: The bald guy around 0:00:07 is ind of hot though.

That new Nationwide commercial, with Lionel Richie singing "Peyton on Sunday morning. " to that water-head fug Peyton Manning.

The commercial featuring the tremendously jowely creator of the button shirt designed to look great untucked. The dude looks like a basic DOUCHE and his look is dreadful, and he knows nothing about style. And the music accompanying his slow motion, smartphone-gazing stroll on a Manhattan street is annoying as well.

That ridiculous "music" on the Dunkin Donuts commercials sets my teeth on edge.

Amazon Prime has an ad with a family and their dog. The baby is afraid of the dog but love its stuffed lion, so the dad buys a lion mane from Amazon to put on the dog. While this saccharine scene is playing out, this chick whisper/sings this horrible song about "we're the same, but different. ".

This proves that people have too much time and money. A lion costume for a dog!

R251, those Amazon Prime ads are really bizarre. They used to run one where a woman clicks on Amazon to buy a little door for her miniature horse since it was getting bullied by the big horses. Because anyone can relate to wanting a miniature horse in your house. So awful.

The new Passat commercial on TV is baffling. The kid and mom giggle every time the Dad is alerted to some kind of potentially deadly near-miss with an object or another car. That's funny?

That ad @ R251 - what the heck is wrong with that child that it would be afraid of that dog? Put the baby up for adoption!

I know it has been addressed before but the Charmin bear commercials need to be over until or unless a bear is actually seen wiping it's ass on anything but a tree.

That liondog commercial is annoying. What dog gives a shit if the family baby likes them or not?

I feel so sorry for that beautiful golden retriever. It's like he's thinking "Oh my God! I must be hideous!! And now I must wear this stupid, hideous 1970's style merkin around my head to make this squinty eyed brat happy!"

The Microsoft Surface Pro commercial with the bald white guy in the yellow sweater and yellow hat playing the acoustic guitar. When he says "It doe'n't work!" in the middle of the chorus, I cringe.

Generally, I can't stand commercials using acoustic music or twee instrumentation, and that seems to be all the rage now, has been for years.

A new K-Mart (of course) ad with a pedophile looking old fat guy and a dwarf and they run around the toy section testing toys, at the end it's implied it's supposed to be Santa and his elf buddy. The dwarf guy isn't bad looking and you feel bad he has to do shit like this.

R258, that singing dickhead is the "hat for your cat" asshole I complained about at R242. I can guarantee that that singing shit stain has no friends.

There's an ad for Oikos yogurt with football player Cam Newton, who drones on about how he gets all this protein from a serving of the product. There is some creative subliminal messaging in the ad - it makes it seem like you eat this crap and it hits you like when Popeye eats spinach - instant superpowers. Most sneaker commercials use the same tactics - wear X sneakers and you'll play like a pro. Also, I can't picture this athlete sucking down yogurt.

Cheerios has a weird ad - a little boy in blue glasses is shopping with his mother. He goes up to an older man and tells him "I like your face". The man just scowls and walks away. The mother whispers something to her kid, who then says "I liked his face". Other than showing a random act of kindness, I don't get the message for this ad.

Opposite of the topic I realize, but I just saw this ad today for the first time and I think it's very clever. Same dialogue used by a thrilled teenage girl who just got a new car from her dad and a businessman whose luxury car has been jacked and trashed.

Panera If-You're-Not-A-Millennial-We-Don't-Care-About-You Bread, getting all hoity-toity about their "clean" food it's a frickin' turkey sandwich(and by the way, bad idea using the word "chipotle" in an ad for your restaurant, just some subliminal advertising 101)!

This new commercial is so insufferably twee I want to punch everyone in it, especially the 30-something narrator with the baby voice

For those of you fortunate enough to not have Time Warner, here's the commercial r261 is referring to:

re: the Panera commercial @ R264 - I know it's a stereotype for teenagers and I hate to sound like a grumpy old person, but can advertisers PLEASE stop featuring moody, sullen, rude and obnoxious teens when pushing their products

Honest to God I thought this commercial for Red Fortera was just spoofing those Viagra commercials.

The man is not bad looking, but his hairstyle is so douchey and his lines are so cheesy.

There's a seriously weird looking guy in the the new Sprint (I think) ad. I think it takes place in a barber shop, maybe? The Verizon guy is sitting there doing his spiel and this curly-haired guy walks in. I swear, it's like he has two holes where his eyes should be. Maybe it's the lighting, maybe it's my tv. But it freaks me out every time it's on.

That annoying, smug, super nerd in the CarMax commercials.

Another jingle that's worn out its welcome I swear this ad runs during EVERY commercial break on EVERY channel (sometimes twice in a row!):

Might have been mentioned upthread already, but the "Dad, your rump roast broke the Internet" commercial.

I want the Manson Family to visit that family, on screen.

That prescription drug commercial with that red headed shit pain as a tag along twin.

Doctor DENTAL PHOBIA has a new commercial out. Not sure why a second one was necessary, but it is worse than the first one.

The new Progressive ad which is supposed to be a take-off of TMZ.

British sounding announcer:"Flo is buying cheeeese!"

Fake Harvey Levin: "Does she have a license for being boring?"

I hate the Secret commercial with the girl in the work bathroom practicing her speech to her boss to make the salary as her male coworkers.

I always think "And what are her male co-workers doing while she's doing that? Their fucking jobs."

This commercial for a Belsomra creeps the hell out of me.

I know the guy in the Red Fortera ad. He's a gorgeous model, and a very funny, creative guy. He's straight and actually thought I was straight too, so I torture him about it. He's silly and very nice.

Yes, R251, but I want to fuck Sensitive Asian-ish Dad until his eyes bleed.

And it may be anal-retentive of me, but it's *Irritable* Bowel Disease, not *Irritating* Bowel Disease! Shouldn't the shadow be a grumpy as fuck misanthropic Walter Matthau/Bea Arthur type, not a pain-in-the-ass hyper Betty?

I'm with you, R274 and R281. The actress playing the tag-along is SO ANNOYING. Oh my GOD. You can tell she was a theater kid. Utterly unlikable and grating. What IS it with her?

The Colonial Penn Insurance commercial featuring Alex Trebek. What's annoying about it is the contrived script featuring the two 70-year-old ladies at the surprise birthday party for one of them. So incredibly corny. Normally I like really corny, old-fashioned advertisements (they're far less cynical and obvious than modern ads that are clearly written by and aimed at hip, humorous millenials), but this one is depressingly lame.

r283 I loved that old Colonial Penn commercial where the old lady said something like, "Have you been talking to Alex Trebek?" and the old birds just laaaaaugh and laugh and laugh. It made me want to learn how to crochet and watch Wheel of Fortune reruns in broad daylight.

I saw this commercial for the first time, on USA, reruns of NCIS. THINK the product was . Nextrim? Some digestive thing or other. Anyway, the commercials features and young couple in the bed the woman looks normal but the husband is SURROUNDED by taco chip ALL over his side of the bed. Then we see a few seconds later that he is literally encases in a soft flour tortilla! I had the sound down low, so not sure what the ad copy said, and I was too stunned to even turn the volume up - it was the grossest thing I had ever seen, and I like Mexican food. Gross, revolting. I hope I don't see it again!

I'm a horrible person, who is going to rot in hell, but the recent Huggies commercials have me apopletic (sp?), ready to strangle fraus who give birth, and drop kick babies around. BEYOND obnoxious. Of course it's supposed to be adorable, but TOO saccharine for moi. Abort, abort, abort, I say.

I keep seeing ads for alcohol and drug rehabs that feature their successful clients talking about how swell their lives are now that they are sober. However, they all look miserable to me. Maybe they need to hire actual actors, because all I see is that 'kill me now' look in their eyes.

Yes, R242 and R258, I HATE those surface commercials. Who the fuck needs to draw on their laptop screen so much??

Re: the "coming out to dad" car commercial- the son is actually a very sweet straight guy so I don't think he thought it was offensive. I think a lot of straight liberals think being gay is no big deal now and don't see why anyone would think it's inappropriate to compare cars to sexuality.

The drug commercial where creepy old assholes sing "Tomorrow".

That Christie Tegan Tresemme shampoo commercial where she's yelling at the camera.

She's not even slightly attractive. Looks like a lowdown hooker.

The ads where Tom Selleck is using his sincerest face to sell old people on the idea of reverse mortgages. He says he personally checked into it and it's a good thing.

What he doesn't say is that it's a scheme to take their homes away from the elderly. People go to the hospital or on vacation and come home to an eviction notice because they weren't continuously occupying the home.

A greasefire is too painless a way for Selleck to die.

Oh dear God yes, those HIDEOUS "Peyton on Sunday Morning" ads. Starting with a Lionel Richie leering creepily at the camera. Then the painful sight of Peyton in the plaid robe and corduroy slippers, doing his funny little situations. I have to wonder exactly who these ads are aimed at: they're not a bit funny or cute, and the product he's selling is a football app on some phone. so I guess it's aimed at men. Anybody think he really "forgot" that Eli was playing? Or uses coupons? Who would respond to this shit on any level?

And I'm not too crazy about Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard and their Samsung mega appliances The "leftover Christmas gravy" one was cute the first ten thousand times, but they are beginning to wear on me. Local commercials can be amusing in my city there is a black attorney repeats his phone number, which is "1-800-I-GOT-YOU" about sixty five times in 30 seconds. And he turns "wrecks into checks!" And a guy I used to fuck way back in the late 70s is a Social Security lawyer who comes on four or five times a day.

I have friends who religiously mute the sounds on all commercials, a habit I have tried to implement but don't do consistently. I do grab the remote the nanosecond the "Tomorrow" ad starts, as well as the St. Jude's kids.

Any commercial where someone playfully grabs food or drink away from another person irritates me more than it should.

But then I spent time in foster care, so ..

Aww r293, you're post saddened me but I hate those commercials too.

Oh my God, I LOVE that Trebek "surprise party" commercial! It's HYSTERICAL! Talking about what a great surprise party it is, and then one of the women says, "Not all surprises are so wonderful. Remember the surprise that (whats her name) got last month when Frank died?"

The Nationwide commercials. They finally retired fun-face Peyton Manning, and replaced him with the oh-so-sincere Brad Paisley crooning about insurance because he totally gets real, every day people, dammit.

r289 that commercial where the old people sing "Tomorrow" mades me sad because my dad just died of congestive heart failure two months ago.

What annoys me most about that annoying "Tomorrow" commercial is the voice-over stating that for heart patients, tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

I hope whoever wrote that walked out of the office that night and was run over by a bus.

Culterelle ad for kiddy laxative, which shows various toddlers sitting on the toilet and straining. The camera is close up on their "I'm pushing!" faces. This is almost as bad as the toilet paper bears.

Acura commercial that opens with some repetitive, mournful-sounding whistle music. Perfect example of dumbed-down millennial 'tard tunes. Vaguely ethnic. I swear I'm going to smash the television with a golf club the next time I hear it. Pleeeeeeasssse, STOP!

That fucking cottonelle commercial where hat British bitch talks about going commando.

The CNN ad for the 'Educating Girls' program that will run on Wednesday. Every three minutes they play that awful, BRAYING 'Rise Up' song. It's horrible.

that big, scary, black woman in that insurance commercial. she is like a the ultimate alpha dyke.

I hate every damn Cathy Mitchell commercial airing on H&I late at night. She's always pitching her knock-off of Copper Chef pans. Her "basic" and "dump" recipes are supposed to impress? Like this one: "Or make Tem-pour-uh. Lightly batter, then deep fry these veggies and your kids wil BEG for SECONDS." Ugh. Creepy lady. Creepy. Creepy. Creepy.

That 'Rise Up' song sounds like she's having a really painful bowel movement. Worse than a cow at slaughter. Gross.

I just watched a new (at least, I hadn't seen this one before) Prolia commercial with Blythe Danner. Noticed for the first time (I'm dense) that the (male) voiceover says, ". do not take if you are pregnant. ", etc. BUT the beginning of the commercial says, ". if you suffer from POST-menopausal osteoporosis. "

O-KAY. how can you be post-menopausal AND pregnant.

Thinks that make you go, hmmmmmm.

That iheartradio commercial with those annoying women talking about playing casino games.

GMC commercial featuring a cappella group. Plays endlessly on You Tube between videos.

A commercial for online gambling in NJ airs here, featuring the owner of a casino whose name is Tilman Fertitta. Tilman Fertitta!

I hate the ads because he boasts about the website and shows the different games, which have human females as dealers. My blood boils because each of the dealers is a model type wearing a low-cut black dress that highlights her implants/cleavage. It's so sexist - men need to be able to look at tits while gambling on their Iphone or PC? Where are the good-looking men dealers?

There's a commercial for Pringles potato chips with a bunch of adults sitting around, holding chips in their lips so that they stick out like duck lips and trying to come up with names for what it looks like. How juvenile - they should have used young teens at least.

That commercial for PetSmart that has "Yeah, Baby, I'm Worth It" as its soundtrack.

Speaking of commercials, I was THRILLED, I tell you, THRILLED to see a Trivago commercial today where the spokeperson/actor finally SHAVED. yayyy.

Oh, R311, we need to add that to the DL lexicon of amusing names.

To the ad executive who came up with the idea of incorporating a loud doorbell sound into commercials in order to force us to look at the tv screen to see if that was the commercial or our actual doorbells:

Fuck you. Fuck you right in the ass!

The buzzed driving commercial where the group keeps singing "hey girl, hey girl. " and "Sean" ends up getting arrested and having a hearing for driving while tipsy. There's another one that features just one buzzed male driver out on the town which is just as bad.

She and that commercial grates in my nerves.

"We want you to comment on this car but instead of words, you can only use emojis!"

OMG please go straight to hell.

R319 thank you! I fucking loathe emojis and would rather write flowery, descriptive sentences saying what a piece of shit the car is.

Anything and everything on Hulu. They play the same ads during each break until they break you. I don't fucking care that you can draw on a computer screen!

Hey, I have to tell you guys a story. I've already posted that I hated that Jon Bon Jovi ad for Direct TV, it was annoying as fuck, his voice was so shit. It was on air every fucking commercial on espn a few months ago. so I actually saw jon Bon Jovi himself during this period.

I was on park ave in mid town rushing to an appointment in the evening. He was walking with another guy. We made eye contact and I almost yelled "i hate your stupid ad" at him. I guess I had an angry look on my face and he was wondering if I was gonna say something to him. He had that worried look in his eyes. Instead, I crossed the street and rushed to my appt. for which I was already late. Damn, looking back, I should have cursed him out!

This sets my teeth on edge:

I can't believe they are still airing that ad where this chick said. "i named him brad." I don't remember what that ad was for, probably car insurance. I switch channels once it comes on.

I hate ALL the geico ads. stupid lizard.

r324 Yeah the Brad one is bad and even worse is a fattish blonde chick who does a "wawk wawk wawk" Peanuts' adult type voice when talking about the fine print in her car insurance. I want to throw her off the pier. It's like the emojis, they just assume we're too dumb to grasp the concept of words to describe something and that we really are incapable of understanding insurance coverage and that when it's discussed we just hear noise.

R317, is that the one with the pretty boy douchebag wearing a vest, and when the cop pulls him over, his girlfriend asks "How many drinks did you have?" and he says, "I should be fine." And she says, "You 'should' be fine?" I HATE that douchebag and his fucking vest.

Listen, anyone who wears an outfit like that, with a fucking vest and nothing over it, is a DOUCHE, and you should NEVER trust them.

I currently hate the Fiat(?) commercial that uses that obnoxious song "I Can Make Your Hands Clap" with the distorted vocal. That's just a bad, bad piece of music. Really lame production, trying to sound edgy. It's a very loud commercial and I resent it deeply.

R327, that song is beyond awful but it's sweet relief from the song in the Target ad that goes: "I'll have you danc-in till the diggy diggy diggy dawn! I can do what you do, I'll show you a new move!"

yes r327. very annoying. i hate it.

There are a number of local political ads running here in NY, for various positions to be voted on next week. The one that I hate features a woman named ZEPHYR TEACHOUT. That name makes me grind my teeth.

Oh god yes--zephyr teachout WTF?!

Frumpy hetero couple spend $125 (GASP!) on groceries. Cashier stops to tell them about a wonderful FREE APP! Somehow the people in line do not revolt.

My boyfriend and I HATE the fucking Hopefuls! That guy is such a dork.

Zephyr Teachout, eh? That's someone running for office? We should all do our part to make sure he/she does NOT get elected.

All Trump and right wing ads - vomit inducing. I can't grab the remote fast enough to change the channel.

Credit Karma? The one where the bitch throws the other woman's cell phone into the water? She either needs to be slapped or arrested for damaging personal property. Stupid bitch.

Then, there's some workout device - Nordic Track maybe. Most is just boring background, then out comes Jillian Michaels. Every fucking ad she has to say "I'm Jillian Michaels. [html removed] America's TOUGHEST TRAINER". The way she says toughest and trainer - like over enunciating with extra t's. I cannot stand that bitch.

If you haven't yet, notice the crazy reaction of the female Hopeful when she learns that the budgeting app is free.

I imagine the Director on set: "Bigger, Amy. You're reaction needs of be 100x bigger. There is no such thing as 'too big.' Show me how big you can go. Action!"

The diaper commercial with the newborns being held in the hospital. The "We all need a hug in the morning. " song in it is insufferable.

Those "Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving" spots. Shut UP you young douchebags!

Those weird ads showing all the chairs with just music and then I guess they are telling us to get the right size children's car seat!? Annoying.

Amen, R337. You're either legally drunk or you're not. What's with this "buzzed" shit, anyway?

I know I'm just awful, but that (Red Cross?) ad with the southern woman and her kid with cancer..that woman has THE WORST vocal fry I've ever heard. She makes me want to pour molten lead into my ears.

"Zephyr Teachout" sounds like she should be a reporter for NPR.

Z. Teachout is a liberal Democrat running in a Republican district - still want her to lose now?

"For the best night's sleep in the whole wide world, visit My!"

R337, I also hate that chairs commercial. The portentous music is really irritating. Like the whole thing is so meaningful. "Chairs, man. There's so many different kinds. And they're always there for the most important milestones in life."

I hate the Gain commercial where the guy in on the beach. His voice is soo extremely annoying.

"Wayfair. something something everything on my list. "

That jingle is enough to make me enthusiastically mulch every tenant in my apartment building with a cheese grater.

There's a commercial for some shingles medicine where both the shingles virus and the medicine have British accents. It starts with a woman getting into a swimming pool and the virus, in a clipped female voice, says something like "Hello, Clarice. you probably aren't aware, but you're carrying me. the SHINGLES VIRUS" and then goes on to say all of the symptoms and side effects. When done, a clipped male voice says, "Have no fear, Clarice, for I'm [drug name] and I can help".

R336, I love you! I want to smash the fucking newborn, it's mother, and the singer, PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE! HIDEOUS COMMERCIAL!

That woman on the Preparation H commercial with the horrendous Minnesotan accent who talks about her "Keister," needs to die an early death.

I'm sick of Jennifer Aniston being a shill for more and more products: Aveeno, dry eye drops and now she's doing this lame ad for Emirates Airlines. It shows her interacting with a little boy on a flight, as they have a contrived conversation. It comes off a bit stiff - the kid is nauseatingly "actor cute".

Will Jennifer never have enough money - what's her next product to sell?

I hate the subway commercial where they're holding their baby named Terry and they say sone stupid shit about sweet onion chicken teriyaki day.

omg. i hate that shit r350! that dad sounds ultra-gay!

The commercial for the SF Porcelanosa showroom. I couldn't find it on Youtube, but it has.

1. Music that belongs in a nineties Skinemax movie. Specifically, it's the relaxing-yet-upbeat music that plays during the part in every movie when meth-lady is taking a shower and starts masturbating unaware that heroin-lady, also masturbating, is watching through a crack in the door and is about to join her.

2. There'a a nonsensical voiceover that sounds like the SNL porn stars. "Porcelanosa: blah, blah, blah, European. Porcelanosa: blah, blah, blah, luxury. Porcelanosa: blah, blah blah, opulence. Porrrrrcelanossssa."

3. The name itself. I can't help but hear it as Porcelanoma, which leads to visions of a Lifetime movie yet to be made. "Honey, the biopsy came back. It's bad. It's real bad, babe. It's Porcelanoma. I'm sorry, but you and Mykynzie are on your own. I'm using the time I have left to find myself I leave for Sitges tomorrow."

The VOYA 'orange squirrels' commercials are incredibly awful. Especially the one where the 'squirrel' responds to questions in a weird, stretched-out voice thing that's supposed to sound like a casual, laid-back hipster, or something. I can't describe it. But I would like to hit that fucking thing and all it's little orange-assed helps with a large, heavy mallet. Repeatedly.

^all its. Sorry, punctuation queens.

The new Mr. Clean "rap" ad is pretty dreadful.

That product IBguard, whose tagline is "Calms the angry gut" has a new commercial. It shows a woman standing in front of a class who suddenly gets a pained look on her face and holds her stomach. Whenever I see that ad, I have sympathy for IBS sufferers, cause her pose is exactly the same one I had last week when I got a sudden bout of gas and liquid feces.

If that is what IBS victims go through all day, then hope that product works for them because that is not a good feeling. I ended up spraying the wall behind my toilet when I didn't move fast enough.

R356, are you by any chance a hotel maid from Vegas?

"I'm going to make some s'mores!" God. That Jeep ad where the guy camps out because he HAS to have a Jeep and then runs into the showroom wearing long johns when the showroom opens.

I forget the product but the guy who's getting his chest waxed and says "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE".

omg, 360! thats an awful commercial. So annoying.

I still think the Linzess commercials are the worst. "Drink more, excercise more - I knowwwwwwww!"

I find some of their commercials funny (Start the car. ), but the IKEA bathroom event spot where dad comes in armed with newspaper (guess what he's planning to do) while the rest of the family is brushing teeth/doing hair/make-up is just a bit yucky. Ironically when he appears with his reading material, the lyrics in the song are ". and go, go, go"

Has anyone seen the ads for a product called "VI Poo?" This ditzy blond explains how it's a little container you carry with you, and drop a few droplets into the toilet before you use it! It shows a few different scenarios, like her boss coming into the bathroom right after she's done, and so on. I honestly thought it was a joke, but it's real!

The Christmas car commercials. All of them, but especially the one where the parents run around the house like idiots, waking up their children to run outside and look at the new cars "Santa" brought them.

Trojan condom commercial with an impossibly hot chick trying to bang her fucking gross Jon Favreau looking and sounding bf who is too worried about his paperwork being messed up, he's uber Jewish and gives us chosen ones a bad name.

Those annoying iheartradio commercials about online casino gambling with those shrill voiced women.

The stupid ad for Coffee Mate with a husband, wife and an animated gingerbread man sitting around a table. The wife says there's only enough Pumpkin Spice Coffee Mate left for one more cup. The man and the damn cookie do "rock-paper-scissors" the remaining product.

It's so silly to see an animated entity that interacts with humans - a gingerbread men drinking coffee? Come on!

R364 Yes! "The Devil's Doughnuts" is a new one to me! I'm a little surprised that there hasn't been any widespread outrage.

Tina Fey being a controlling ass in those ads for American Express -- badgering a fellow plane passenger for his salad, then telling him that she gets to pick what movie he can watch all while waving her Amex card around like a spoiled celebrity.

Can Tina ever get that smug look off her face?

Every time I see those stupid Wayfair commercials with their jingle and people dancing stupidly, I start feeling nauseated. Yes, people are dancing in excitement over getting tacky, cheap cast offs from the stores peddling disposable bottom of the barrel crap produced in China.

My siblings and I always play "Rob Your Neighbor" during Xmas, and I'm thinking of getting some VI Poo as one of my gifts.

That fucking Alexa commercial where the dad is trying to cheer up his daughter, he's like 50 years old and says, "Alexa, play that song that says take these broken wings" Really, asshole? You would have been in high school when that song came out and you know goddamn well you know what it's called and who sang it so quit trying to front like you aren't sure what the title is.

Agree with the Tina Amex commercials. The ones on the plane or the most horrendous. As if that smug bitch would be flying coach. Fuck off Tina!

I can't take these cross promotion ones like the Progressive ads with Flo and the Kool Aid Man, Geico namedropping Banana Republic, shilling for one company is bad enough.

R375: I can think of a great tie-in – Progressive Insurance and Tampax, for those "heavy Flo days."

An ad I only seem to see when watching shows On Demand with Optimum. The little girl and her dad walk into a diner. He talks to the cook/waitress. You see the little girl has a broken arm. The waitress brings them a tray of S'mores. It's a Hersey commercial. The song is some 1940's fake. Zing, zing, baby, baby! I love you!

I thought the McDonalds' "Mc Pic 2" commercials with annoying millennials, especially the main couple - hideous Spic-looking girl - were obnoxious enough, but this LATEST bunch - in an office with people shriek-singing, "Mc Pic 2" are BEYOND hideous, especially that creature with the man bun. Every one of those actors should be pushed into the nearest grease fire.

r373, thats hilarious. I hate the Geico motorcycle commercials where some asshole is singing some shitty, mumble-warble lyrics.

The Burger King bros who wear the paper crowns and can't believe how cheap the shitty food is. "You can't get ANYTHING for a dollar forty nine. "

Hop into the deep fryer, dip shits!

Most of these commercials are written by Millennials who are sitting in a room cracking each other up over humor that most of us don't relate to or even want to.

My vote goes for those stupid owl "Who?" commercials for America's Best. I turn the channel every time they come on. And, for the "internet is out" commercials where the entire family goes bat sh. crazy when their connection goes out for 5 min's. Really annoying.

Sofia Vergara in those coffee maker commercials. The setup is ridiculous - some dude intrudes into her home to harangue her about no longer coming to his coffee shop. Instead of shooting him or calling the police, she does a product demo/presentation worthy of The Price is Right. Her Charo imitation is not funny.

R382 but that commercial is cancelled out by Sofia's commercials for Head And Shoulders featuring her very cute son.

The Chase commercial, featuring some guy screeching out the worst rendition of "For Once In My Life" that you'll ever hear.

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