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Actors Riff on Turkey Basting in 'New Girl' Outtake

Actors Riff on Turkey Basting in 'New Girl' Outtake

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The Daily Meal's admittedly mostly-female staff has already brought you some frisky foods to bring to bed with you, but it looks like turkey basting could be a good method of foreplay. Maybe.

Jamie Lee Curtis previewed an outtake from New Girl on The Tonight Show, a hilarious clip where Nick (Jake Johnson) tries to seduce Jess's mother (Jamie Lee Curtis) while basting a turkey. (Important plot point: He's doing this to make Jess's father jealous so her divorced parents will reunite. Very Parent Trap-esque). According to Curtis, this is just a clip of some 30 to 40 minutes of Johnson and Curtis riffing, creating sexual entendres and come ons, all while basting a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

As Leno notes, it's probably not the best thing to watch with the family (may we recommend A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving instead?), but we're definitely DVR-ing this. This clip alone changes the way we will view turkey basting for the rest of our culinary lives.

Watch the video: That Old Turkey Burger. Season 6 Ep. 1. NEW GIRL (May 2022).